Vicki of Honest Mum signs to Herbal Essences

My hair story is a funny one. I had thick, poker straight locks until I turned 13 and tumultuous hormones magically transformed my hair into curls.

I’d dreamt of soft curls my whole life up to that point, sleeping in wet plaits and even experimenting with my mum’s hair mousse only to discover that when my wish finally came true, I immediately yearned for my straight hair again and spent my teens saving up for blow dries. We always want what we can’t have hey?! Madness.

My hair story history (!) as you can imagine, makes it difficult to know what to say when people ask what my natural hair style is because even I’m not sure-is it straight or curly?!  I tend to oscillate between the two styles day-to-day to suit my mood, or what I’m up to going from scrunch dried curls or a mum bun to sleeker Hollywood style waves for shoots as you can see here.

Honest Mum is an ambassador for Herbal Essences

My hair is ‘my thing’ really. My husband argues it’s my eyes but I think most people tend to see my hair first because of it’s size (#bighairdon’tcare) and many of my social media followers joke that it needs it’s own twitter account (!)

Truth be told it’s taken me years to embrace my hair in all it’s glory (I still remember my swimming teacher shouting that my hair wouldn’t fit into a cap making me feel like the literal fish out of water I was, growing up) but I COMPLETELY love it now and have to say I reckon my 13 year old self might just be high fiving me right now, shocked that at 36 I’d been asked to represent a global hair brand in my role as a blogger and vlogger, and not just any global hair brand but Herbal Essences, my all-time favourite hair brand!


Vicki of Honest Mum becomes an ambassador for Herbal Essences

Attending the launch night after a meeting with Herbal Essences UK a few weeks ago, taking my fellow big-haired ‘baby’ Xander along with me to celebrate, I could not be more excited or proud about this dreamboat of a collaboration.

Honest Mum signs to Herbal Essences UK

Herbal Essences is a brand I’ve grown up with, and loved forever. My Mum always used their products (and still does) and I distinctly remember their iconic early bottles- funnily enough channelled in their latest product collection 45 years later with a new range which merges nature and science to make your hair feel UTTERLY incredible.

Herbal Essences

After the first use of the NEW Herbal Essences bio:renew Golden Moringa Oil shampoo and conditioner my hair felt softer, smoother, more manageable and healthier than before. After one use people!! ONE!

I’ve since used the products many times.

Their Golden Moringa Oil collection is designed to give you sleek and glossy hair with the most divine scent of fragrant orange, white floral bouquet and coconut water that transports me to a tropical island in my shower.

My hair has never smelt more delicious!

Vicki of Honest Mum holds up Herbal Essences Golden Moringa Oil shampoo and conditioner

Importantly, as with all beauty and hair products, the science behind the collection is pioneering with the entire new Herbal Essences range being at the forefront of antioxidant innovation.

Histidine, a natural purifier in the body, is the core building block of the Herbal Essences bio:renew ingredient blend, which also contains Sea Kelp and Aloe. These ingredients help remove the build-up of free radicals and revive dull, lifeless hair after every wash. The result means swishable hair that appears full of life and feels touchably smooth (if it’s wrong to stop stroking my hair, I don’t want to be right)!

let life in. Vicki of Honest Mum is Herbal Essences ambassador

What’s more, each product is free of colorants, parabens and gluten with a collection designed for every hair type and need out there, so every day can be a GOOD hair day. 

Honest Mum is an ambassador for Herbal Essences

Honest Mum's hair


Herbal Essences

smooth golden moringa oil shampoo and conditioner by Herbal Essences

The Golden Moringa Oil shampoo cleanses hair with proprietary bio-lipid technology that helps repair the damaged areas and replace lost lipids leaving every single strand less prone to future damage. It restores and protects your hair with every wash. 

Herbal Essences Golden Moringa Oil shampoo and conditioner

Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

The renew Golden Moringa Oil conditioner (also smells edible) and contains agents to condition hair leaving it smooth as well as resilient to future damage.  


bio renew Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

Proud times for the little, now big girl, with the massive hair.

Honest Mum is an ambassador for Herbal Essences

You can buy the range HERE.

Let life in

Now excitingly, I’m offering you the chance to win a £250 John Lewis gift card and a P&G goodie bag (hair and beauty products) worth £250 (total value is £500).

Ends 20th August 2017.

UK only

If the winner does not respond to the email within 7 days of it being sent, a new winner will be randomly selected.
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This is a sponsored campaign but all opinions and creative, as always are honest and my own.

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416 Responses

  1. Sheri Darby

    Such an amazing prize. Wonderful hair products and a spree at John Lewis. What’s not to love.

  2. Maggie Drummond

    I have long curly hair so always trying new products to tame it a little so this would be perfect 🙂

  3. Norma Miller

    My hair is totally unruly. It never behaves and is thick and unmanagable. I hate having it cut short, so I simply try to do the best I can.
    I’d love to be your lucky winner so I can tame my wayward locks and get myself a dazzling outfit from John Lewis to look my best once more x

  4. Rebecca roberts

    I would love to win as I would share this with my mum she so deserves a pamper

  5. Terri-Louise Dudey

    After half of the house falling apart washer dryer and TV i need a treat for all the hard work to replace them xx

  6. Alexandra Christie

    Any help I can get to make me (a frazelled working Mam of three under the age of six )look better is always welcome! Plus I Love a reason to go to John Lewis

  7. Beccy Rowley

    I would love to win as so I can pamper myself and my mum with the hair and beauty products. I would also treat my hubby and my little girl to something nice with the John Lewis voucher.

  8. Tracy Wood

    I’d like to win as Herbal Essences is my shampoo and conditioner of choice, so It’d save me buying some for a while 🙂
    Tracy Wood recently posted…NBA Fidget Spinners – ReviewMy Profile

  9. Nicola Dangerfield

    The smell of Herbal Essences takes me back to when I was younger – it was my shampoo and conditioner of choice. I live that they’re going back to the old style bottles too!

  10. Sara Goodman

    John Lewis is my all time favourite store and I could certainly do with something fabulous to sort out my very dry hair. Thanks for a super giveaway – you’re going to make someone very happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

  11. Corinna jennings

    Omg, my 9 year old daughter has the thickest hair ever!! I have no idea where she’s got this from; neither me & hubby have very thick hair. I have to wash, condition, blow dry & straighten most days to keep it relitavely knot free & smooth. It’s beautiful but very high maintenance…

  12. Maureen Quinnell

    Because my daughter has big hair and uses endless amounts of conditioner – need a constant supply!

  13. Becky Duffy

    I’d like to treat myself and my family to some nice new products and hopefully some new clothes too

  14. Sarah Robinson

    Would love to win as my hair and i would love a treat! Would also be lovely to spoil my family too! We love everything in John Lewis. Many thanks for the chance x

  15. Clare

    It makes me laugh how your hair is ‘your thing’ when to me as a hairdresser it always looks like it needs a good four inches lobbed off to get rid of the dry ends and a proper blow out to get rid of your frizz. Congrats on the sponsorship though – here’s to getting your hair in better condition!

  16. Sheila Reeves

    Would love to win as could really do with some new shoes and would put rest towards Christmas and my hair & skin would really love some tlc from the goodie bag!

  17. yvette morgan

    Would love to win, to give my daughter a little boost after a breakup 🙁

  18. Stephen Temperton

    I would love to win this because my wife would love the John Lewis part and my daughter always seems to need bathroom items.

  19. jackie grout

    I would treat my daughter Kara as she looks after me is a single working mum and never complains it would be nice to do something nice for her as a thankyou x

  20. Kirsti Peters

    I’d like to win so I can treat my mother to something nice to say thank you for being my rock throughout my ongoing illness, she really is the best.

  21. Anca

    I have long hair, so I’m always looking for new hair products I can try. So, the main reason I want to win is to get to try all those goodies from Herbal Essences (or P&G).
    Anca recently posted…The Bowes MuseumMy Profile

  22. Anneka Avery

    I would love to win because my life has been turned completely upside down recently and I’ve had to make some major lifestyle changes. If I won I could actually close my eyes and just enjoy the moment. Herbal essences is such an outstanding brand that makes a difference to people on a daily basis. We all know how great we feel when our hair is looking fresh and fierce!

  23. Nicola-Jane Phipps

    As a working Mum of two, currently studying for an open university course and my hubby working away a lot, I would love to win this amazing treat <3
    Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway x

  24. Marina Parry Owen

    I would love to win this as my hair and my daughter’s could do with some tender loving care after being on holiday and swimming every day. I would also love to buy a fab speaker from John Lewis as we love to listen to music and could do with a quality speaker.

  25. Lynn Neal

    I would love to win so that my grown up daughter and I can be pampered especially our hair!

  26. Kayleigh Robinson

    I’d love to win because I have 2 weddings to go to this year and John Lewis have some gorgeous gifts! And of course I’d love the goodie bag for myself and my friend. We love a pamper night and I think we both deserve a treat ?

  27. Vanessa Cox

    I love hair care products and I’m always looking for new trendy but effective products. I think Herbal Essences range is offering a wide selection of products suitable for all kinds of hair. My daughter’s hair is thick, voluminous and wavy where mine is just fine, straight and dull. However, Herbal Essences has the right product for both of us in their range.

  28. Danielle Pooley

    I would put it towards Christmas shopping. I’m due with my second child in November, so this would be a massive help.

  29. Jordan Jarmain

    I used to have full curly hair then a stint on an acne medication and some not well thought out straightening treatments has left me with thin semi wavy hair that’s nothing to look at. Herbal essences is one of the only shampoos that give it a bit of shine and oomph and the John Lewis voucher could buy me some hats lol xx

    • Yasmine choudhry

      I would love to win as i have got my eye on a Michael Kors bag ?

  30. Niki Marie Wardle

    I would like to win because I think as a runaround mum of 3 I might finally deserve a treat for myself! 😉

  31. Julie Howarth

    This would be amazing to win would treat myself and my daughter to some lovely things

  32. Elinor Fisher

    I would love to use this to buy a new dishwasher as ours is on its last legs!

  33. Laureen Timms

    I would love to win because am unable to work at the moment due to ill health so this would be a huge treat.

  34. SARA owen

    I would love to win because im due baby in december and gift voucher can go to that, also beauty goodies would be great for my before birth pampering sessiin thara for time

  35. Jemma Dwyer

    wow this would be amazing i’m moving house soon so the £250 john lewis gift card would be fantastic for that 🙂 thank you for the chance x

  36. Lynne Durkin

    Would love this for my girls and myself as we all have mad hair someday’s and our usual shampoo and conditioners seem to do nothing helpful anymore x

  37. Angela Kelly

    This would be such a big treat and a great chance to share some of the goodies too. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  38. Joanne Heath

    I’d love to win as myself and my daughter have curly hair and again alternate to straight depending on mood but it’s not a quick process so the hair care would be fantastic and I am a huge fan of John Lewis particularly with back to school and Christmas approaching so the prize would be so good as being a supply teacher funds are variable!


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