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Becoming an Ambassador for Herbal Essences (& Win £250 John Lewis Gift Card & Goodies Worth £250)

Vicki of Honest Mum signs to Herbal Essences

My hair story is a funny one. I had thick, poker straight locks until I turned 13 and tumultuous hormones magically transformed my hair into curls.

I’d dreamt of soft curls my whole life up to that point, sleeping in wet plaits and even experimenting with my mum’s hair mousse only to discover that when my wish finally came true, I immediately yearned for my straight hair again and spent my teens saving up for blow dries. We always want what we can’t have hey?! Madness.

My hair story history (!) as you can imagine, makes it difficult to know what to say when people ask what my natural hair style is because even I’m not sure-is it straight or curly?!  I tend to oscillate between the two styles day-to-day to suit my mood, or what I’m up to going from scrunch dried curls or a mum bun to sleeker Hollywood style waves for shoots as you can see here.

Honest Mum is an ambassador for Herbal Essences

My hair is ‘my thing’ really. My husband argues it’s my eyes but I think most people tend to see my hair first because of it’s size (#bighairdon’tcare) and many of my social media followers joke that it needs it’s own twitter account (!)

Truth be told it’s taken me years to embrace my hair in all it’s glory (I still remember my swimming teacher shouting that my hair wouldn’t fit into a cap making me feel like the literal fish out of water I was, growing up) but I COMPLETELY love it now and have to say I reckon my 13 year old self might just be high fiving me right now, shocked that at 36 I’d been asked to represent a global hair brand in my role as a blogger and vlogger, and not just any global hair brand but Herbal Essences, my all-time favourite hair brand!


Vicki of Honest Mum becomes an ambassador for Herbal Essences

Attending the launch night after a meeting with Herbal Essences UK a few weeks ago, taking my fellow big-haired ‘baby’ Xander along with me to celebrate, I could not be more excited or proud about this dreamboat of a collaboration.

Honest Mum signs to Herbal Essences UK

Herbal Essences is a brand I’ve grown up with, and loved forever. My Mum always used their products (and still does) and I distinctly remember their iconic early bottles- funnily enough channelled in their latest product collection 45 years later with a new range which merges nature and science to make your hair feel UTTERLY incredible.

Herbal Essences

After the first use of the NEW Herbal Essences bio:renew Golden Moringa Oil shampoo and conditioner my hair felt softer, smoother, more manageable and healthier than before. After one use people!! ONE!

I’ve since used the products many times.

Their Golden Moringa Oil collection is designed to give you sleek and glossy hair with the most divine scent of fragrant orange, white floral bouquet and coconut water that transports me to a tropical island in my shower.

My hair has never smelt more delicious!

Vicki of Honest Mum holds up Herbal Essences Golden Moringa Oil shampoo and conditioner

Importantly, as with all beauty and hair products, the science behind the collection is pioneering with the entire new Herbal Essences range being at the forefront of antioxidant innovation.

Histidine, a natural purifier in the body, is the core building block of the Herbal Essences bio:renew ingredient blend, which also contains Sea Kelp and Aloe. These ingredients help remove the build-up of free radicals and revive dull, lifeless hair after every wash. The result means swishable hair that appears full of life and feels touchably smooth (if it’s wrong to stop stroking my hair, I don’t want to be right)!

let life in. Vicki of Honest Mum is Herbal Essences ambassador

What’s more, each product is free of colorants, parabens and gluten with a collection designed for every hair type and need out there, so every day can be a GOOD hair day. 

Honest Mum is an ambassador for Herbal Essences

Honest Mum's hair


Herbal Essences

smooth golden moringa oil shampoo and conditioner by Herbal Essences

The Golden Moringa Oil shampoo cleanses hair with proprietary bio-lipid technology that helps repair the damaged areas and replace lost lipids leaving every single strand less prone to future damage. It restores and protects your hair with every wash. 

Herbal Essences Golden Moringa Oil shampoo and conditioner

Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

The renew Golden Moringa Oil conditioner (also smells edible) and contains agents to condition hair leaving it smooth as well as resilient to future damage.  


bio renew Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

Proud times for the little, now big girl, with the massive hair.

Honest Mum is an ambassador for Herbal Essences

You can buy the range HERE.

Let life in

Now excitingly, I’m offering you the chance to win a £250 John Lewis gift card and a P&G goodie bag (hair and beauty products) worth £250 (total value is £500).

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Becoming an Ambassador for Herbal Essences

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