Anti-Ageing Beauty With Perricone MD

Perricone MDWhen it comes to anti-ageing skincare routines, I’m a little bit (OK a lot…) late to the party!

At 34, I’ve only just started using anti-ageing products, which according to the experts is about 14 years too late! My bad!

Despite my rather laissez-faire attitude to ageing, I’ve been really lucky and I’m still sans wrinkles! A pretty impressive achievement I reckon considering I’ve averaged about 4 hours sleep over the past 5 years thanks to my two little sleep raiders.

I know that this wrinkle free face is down to some seriously good genes passed down to me on both sides of the family tree, my beloved late Grandma Vikentia didn’t even have a single line at 96. Amazing huh!

However, I ain’t leaving anything to chance! And now in my mid-thirties I have finally fully embraced the anti-ageing skincare routine, but jeez it’s a bit of a minefield isn’t!

There’s so many lotions and potions out there how do you know where to start!

Well one range of products that I can hand on heart recommend to all my readers is Perricone MD.

I was recently gifted their No Foundation Foundation’ and ‘Nutritive Cleanser’ by John Lewis and boy they’re good!

Collectively worth £83, the products sit at the higher end of the beauty market but they’re worth every penny.  

Developed by Dr Perricone, a world renowned dermatologist and scientist, his groundbreaking research has placed him at the forefront of the fight against wrinkles and these products not only work but they last too.

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser and no foundation foundation

perricone md cleanser and foundation

The Nutritive Cleanser (£35) is facial wash that fights signs of ageing by gently removing impurities, make up and environmental pollution.

Super effective yet also delicate on my sensitive skin.

In the past I’ve found certain face washes dry out my face and make it feel tight, but it was the exact opposite with the Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser, leaving my skin feeling smooth and soft and of course clean.

Having used it for several weeks now I can see a noticeable difference as my face looks and feels both vitalised and fresh.

The No Foundation Foundation (£48) is now something I use regularly. Previously not someone who would wear foundation much, this is so light, I’ve found myself turning to it most days.

Bridging the gap between skincare and make up, the light, dewy foundation not only looked incredibly natural (it definitely does what it says on the tin!) it also made my skin look youthful and radiant. An all round winner in my opinion!

MD No Foundation

It really is revolutionary when it comes to foundation. It offers coverage without that cakey look. It absorbs quickly and you really don’t feel like you’re wearing foundation.

Here is my day make up look using the foundation.

Perricone MD My mum was so impressed with the effect the products had on my skin she’s ordered her own set too!

Not that she needs it of course 😉

Have you tried Perricone MD products?


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Anti-Ageing Beauty With Perricone MD - Honest Mum






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