invite to ITV's premier of Victoria

Attending the Premiere of ITV’s ‘Victoria’ at Kensington Palace (& Review)

blogger Vicki Psarias at ITV Premier of Victoria


Posting again as ‘Victoria’ is on tonight! Don’t miss it!It’s not often you receive an invitation to attend a premiere at Kensington Palace and yet that’s exactly what happened to me just last week. A blogger’s life is never short of surprises that’s for sure!

And as soon as the decadent invite for ITV’s much-anticipated new drama series ‘Victoria’ hit my mat, I set to planning my outfit of course: Baukjen came to my rescue for a fitted, elegant, v neck navy dress, and statement Swarovski jewels were c/o Eternal Collection.

invite to ITV's premier of Victoria

Regal was the order of the day and regal is what I went for.

….Taking my great friend Maria aka the big sister I never had, it was the most memorable of midsummer nights.

A surprisingly intimate cast and crew premiere, I’d prepared myself for a busy, bustling screening like the many I’ve experienced before yet this was not the case. With the night resembling a small yet opulent wedding in the most grandiose yet welcoming of locations, the early evening sun beating down on us, it all felt rather magical.

With the night resembling a small yet opulent wedding in the most grandiose yet welcoming of locations, the early evening sun beating down on us, it all felt rather magical.

red carpet selfie at the premier of ITV's Victoria


Making our way onto the red carpet once the gilded gates had opened, I was keen to hang around and watch the stars do their thing for the cameras.

Jenna Coleman is not just exquisitely beautiful but also supremely talented, she makes the most fitting of queens and entranced us on the night both in person as we chatted, and in the show.

Red carpet for the Victoria Premiere

Kensington Palace
interview on ITVgroups of people at a premiere statue at kensington palace

I felt like a forgotten cast member (in the best possible way) purely because it was such an intimate gathering (despite all the paps of course!).

It was touching to watch and meet the stars and their family and friends who had gathered for the premier, those who had journeyed along with cast and crew for the many months it takes to make something like this- and it reminded me of my work as a director pre-blogging.

Chic style by Jenna Coleman
TV actress Jenna Coleman at Kensington Palace

jenna coleman actress

What a wonderful night…

ITV'S Victoria

After champagne and canapes, we took a stroll to the screening room, passing the most breathtaking pond enveloped by manicured gardens (below) as we made our merry way (and we were a little merry), through an enchanting archway of trees glinting with fairy lights, finding ourselves at an al fresco bar under a white marquis with the screening room within.

lake in Kensington Palace

Screening Room at Kensington PalaceServing champagne at a premiere at Kensington Palace


Utterly magical.

Taking our seats as if witnessing a wedding, to watch the first episode introduced by Jenna herself, we were transfixed throughout.

A gripping, edge of your seat drama brimming with sexual tension, love, desire, power and deceit, I’m not sure I’ve watched something quite so compelling on TV to date. It was made all the more momentous by the fact we were watching it with the cast and crew who had brought it into being.

So cinematic, ‘Victoria’ would not feel out of place on the big screen- and I said as much to the gifted but oh-so-humble and sweet cinematographer John Lee whom we met, along with his wonderful wife on the night.

The magnificent visuals and sharp and fast editing gives the series a modern edge, and will reel you in and keep you mesmerised throughout.

The sheer chemistry between the ensemble cast too- spearheaded by the most powerful of leads, Jenna Coleman as Victoria, a feminist at a time when the term had not yet been invented, and Rufus Sewell as the dashing Lord Melbourne in this first episode- is hypnotic.

Such a whirlwind, you will be left as breathless as Victoria was in the drunken scene she shares with the dashing Lord Melbourne- and, like her will be left lusting for more.

…The drama in its entirety charts the early life of the Queen from her accession to the throne at just 18, through to her beloved marriage to Prince Albert (played by The Game’s Tom Hughes) who is not seen in the first episode.

What a privilege to experience the premiere with its creators.

Watch the trailer here:

…Making our way back to the beautiful Royal Garden Hotel, below, who had kindly invited us to stay the night with them (the hotel overlooks Kensington Palace), the stars above us, I made a note to remember this night.

For we had not only witnessed a compelling historical drama which sets a new precedent for British TV but we’d also witnessed a moment in history for Victoria as new Queen and also undoubtedly for Jenna Coleman, whom will now in all certainty, be propelled to super stardom.

Royal Garden Hotel

An unmissable triumph.

There’s a new Downtown Abbey in town. Enjoy!

…Don’t forget to tune in tonight, on August 28th at 9pm on ITV.

Watch the vlog of my time in London and at the premier below:

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Attending the Premiere of ITV's 'Victoria' at Kensington Palace (& Review)

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