Honest Mum and family photographed by the press at the premiere of Christopher Robin

Attending the European Premiere of Disney’s Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin

I’ll never tire of the movies. They’re my first love, after all. I was a Film and TV Director pre-blogging and my dream is to combine my digital  work and filmmaking roots at some point, the end goal to one day direct my first feature film after having made multi-award winning shorts in the past.

I’ve given myself 5 years to achieve this milestone. It’s fine if it takes longer of course but it’s also FINE to have a goal, a big dream, something to work towards too.

That’s how Sunday felt at the BFI. A dream.

Christopher Robin

I’ve attended many a premiere over the years, the first was a chance ticket at a Bond premiere when I was a uni student and stumbled across the event in Leicester Square and was kindly handed a ticket. That chap probably regretted it the second we got in though as I called every friend in my phone from my seat to tell them where I was!

After my MA in Screen Direction, I worked for Redbus/ now Lionsgate UK going from a runner to working in development and even writing a feature film in-house. That seems a life time ago now. It was, really.

It’s funny as things came full circle as I’d often attend premieres of their movies, bumping into my former bosses, now covering their movies rather than reading the scripts for them.

Yesterday was the first time we’ve been asked to take pictures on the red carpet for the press. We’ve been photographed at events before for the press but never at a red carpet film premiere and it was pretty surreal. Peter, my husband grabbed this photo of the cameras clicking away.

Honest Mum and family photographed by the press at the premiere of Christopher Robin

The kids couldn’t believe how many photographers there were, but seemed to enjoy it (Oliver actually told me off for not taking direction well enough-ha) as the photographers shouted (in a friendly way, they were absolute champs) for us to look right, left, straight ahead and then do it all over again!

LONDON, UK – AUGUST 5TH: X attends the European premiere of Disney's 'Christopher Robin' at the BFI Southbank in London, UK on August 5th, 2018.

Once inside, I called my Mum of course (!) before we made our way into the cinema, listening first to director Marc Foster and leads Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell (along with their fellow cast members) discuss their excitement at bringing A.A. Milne’s world to life on the big screen before witnessing its magic for ourselves.

Christopher Robin premiere

Marc shared that he wanted to be true to the original drawings featured in the books, and what appear to be original sketches feature throughout merging 2D drawings into live action making for a thoughtful addition to the narrative.

Ewan McGregor and cast

A nostalgic, heartwarming movie reminding us all to return to our inner child more often, and live in the moment (with quality time taking priority over mundane adult life)! this is a timely film as many of us feel disheartened with the current political climate. Christopher Robin transports you back to a simpler time, that of love-able furry friends and meandering walks in the wood for teddy tea parties and a chance to use your imagination. It took me right back to my own magical childhood in Ilkley, Yorkshire, where Winnie was too, one of my best friends.

Go see it. It will encourage you to be more childlike, and free. What could be better than that?

Out August 17th 2018.

Thanks to Laura Ashley for the stunning cobalt blue dress and Lauren Jobling for styling me up.


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Attending the European Premiere of Disney's Christopher Robin - Honest Mum


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