Last Wednesday saw me catch the earliest train I could into London to experience Christmas in July! No, really. It was Christmas, in July!


You see, the month of July is dedicated to brands showcasing what they have in store (literally) over the festive period to the press- and despite the 30 degree heat, I felt utterly immersed in a captivating winter wonderland of delicious food and stunning home ware and clothes by Asda.

How pretty is the setting?!

Asda Christmas in July


Oh and there were cocktails at 10am.

These included: Mudslide: vodka, tia maria, Irish cream liqueur and milk.
London Flower: gin, elderflower cordial, pink grapefruit juice and prosecco.

My kind of event.

The main man of the hour- and new face of Asda- James Martin was there demonstrating delicious festive dishes of Christmas Dinner Soup and Smoked Salmon Mousse to get us in the spirit-and I got lots of time to chat to him about the new culinary chapter in his career.

James Martin

I’ve met James a few times before- and the good Yorkshire man that he is, means he’s always up for a laugh!

As you can see right here (insert bunny ears emoticon)!

Vicki Psarias Honest Mum James Martin

And here he is again taking centre stage, doing what he loves-


I also went live on Facebook with James which was hilarious to film and watch back (you can see it HERE).

James Martin and Honest Mum

…After I told him off for making me look so short (he’s a complete giant) he made sure he stood on his tip toes for all of our pics! I’m actually tall #foragreekgirl. Honest. Haha!

I made a vlog of the day too so you can see first-hand just what a ball I had!

And what a delicious day it was too-from tangy bubbles (hey there Asda Extra Special Vintage Champagne and Prosecco Jeroboam – the size of three bottles of champagne!! )

ASDA Christmas in July_192 Jeroboam


There was also a whole lot of cake-sampling, cheese munching and even having the chance to choose my own top culinary picks (Extra Special King Prawn & Avocado Terrine as you asked 😉 and the glossiest, glistening, mouthwatering chocolate cake in town ‘The Ultimate Chocolate Gateau’)- making it my all-time most favourite Christmas show ever!

Christmas Feast

-It took all of my willpower not to bite one of these chocolate bear’s heads off I can tell you!

christmas chocolates

And check out this 3 Tier Christmas Pie tower- perfect for a festive buffet! Yum!

festive pies

This retro style …..NAME has made me want to get all 70’s and I’ll be serving it up at my annual Christmas drinks party.

christmas prawn ring


Do look out for some gorgeous Christmas picks this festive season in store at Asda.

Below, I share just a few more (there were so many) of my favourites:


Extra Special Caorunn Fin & Orange Smoked Salmon

gin and lime smoked salmon

This oak smoked, flavoursome salmon infused with Caorunn gin, highland heather honey, orange and juniper berries would make the perfect appetiser on Christmas Day.


The Extra Special King Prawn and Avocado Terrine

20160517-starter prawn avo millefuille 1111

This beauty offers a tasty twist on the usual prawn cocktail and is the most delicious, creamy and refreshing dish, perfect with warm baguette or crackers.

For something different for main course, opt for the Extra Special Rack of Lamb with Redcurrant & Mint Butter.


rack of lamb with mint

Produced in Wales before being matured on the bone for three whole days, this succulent rack of lamb with tangy redcurrant and buttery mint is a true beauty to behold ,and feast on, this Christmas.

For those who have to have a turkey (why not have both?) the Extra Special Corn Fed Bronze Dry Plucked & Aged Turkey with Extra Special Pork Clementine Orange Stuffing topped with Bacon Lattice is EVERYTHING, baby!


turkey with the trimmings

Add the Extra Special Prosecco Stuffing Wraps with all the trimmings to please everyone!

Christmas garnish

Cakes are my thing at Christmas so choosing my go-to desserts always makes me happy.

Just look at these bad boys below.

I think it would rude not to have the table bursting with the sweet stuff this Christmas, don’t you?!

Now sit back and get ready to swoon.

Extra Special Sticky Toffee Melt in the Middle Pudding

sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is my ‘all-time must-eat- can never say no to’-pud. You don’t like sticky toffee pudding, then sorry, we just can’t be friends!

This one’s enriched with the softest dates and has a melting caramel centre that makes for one magnificent pud.

What’s more, it’s coated in a Belgian chocolate ganache and decorated with gold rolled chocolate-coated honeycomb pieces to finish.

Basically if Beyoncé was a dessert, this is it.


Christmas Pudding Smash Cake

xmas smash cake

We were lucky enough to be gifted one of these beauties in our gift bag and yes it’s all been eaten- and it’s not even the second week in July. #Sorrynotsorry.

With this, you smash the chocolate dome on top of this which has been garnished with sugar holly leaves and white and red marshmallow frosting to reveal milk choc malt balls and gold star sugar sprinkles.

And there’s more, a layer of moist chocolate sponge cake covered with chocolate frosting lies beneath. I know, you need to sit down right. AMAZE-ing!


Extra Special Yule Log

red velvet log

My kids are obsessed with yule logs and my mum tells me I was exactly the same as a child.

They’re just all a bit magical aren’t they?!

This one is hand rolled and finished, and consists of that special red velvet sponge which gets everyone oohing and arrghing  at Christmas.


…Now a few hours later, it’s all about the cheese and biscuits isn’t it?! And boy do Asda have a treat in store for you!

Their luxurious selection will have you going back for more…and more…and more….

Extra Special Cornish Brie, Stilton and Cheddar were my faves on the day and I’ll be picking up cured meats, a favourite of my Dad’s. These make for the perfect Boxing Day too!

cheese board

Just wow. I literally can’t wait for Christmas now, can you?!

Getting the boys these bobbly hats too!

bobbly hats

For all your Christmas-needs, get yourself to Asda and enjoy!


This is a commissioned post but all words and opinions are my own and honest



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48 Responses

  1. Emma me and b make tea

    wow it sounds and looks amazing! lucky you! the food and drink all look fantastic -roll on Christmas haha – although I don’t feel like we had a summer yet :/ #brillblogposts

  2. Babes about Town

    God I’m hungry now! What a luscious post and you look fab – forget the haters, you are tall in personality lol #shortergirlsrule 😉 Fab to hang with James Martin and I love your vlog too, so funny. But yeah, I’m now hungry and it’s already past dinner!

  3. Muma on the Edge

    Oh wow!
    Christmas can’t come soon enough!!
    Love the look of those puds, and that lamb… and that James Martin!!!
    Loving your piccys too.
    lovely jubberly xxx

  4. Tooting Mama

    Looks fabulous! My mouth is watering. The turkey looks amazing and I’m salivating over the lamb. If I was in London I’d buy the lot!

    We’re living in Paris, and will Christmas in the city of light, the traditional feast is: oysters, snails, champagne and foie gras (you can’t be squeamish here!), and then just food, wine, food, wine, and the most amazing yule logs that look like works of art!

  5. Ursula (Mumbelievable)

    This looked like so much fun and the food looks AMAZING! Funny to be getting into the Christmas spirit in July but with recipes like that, it’s easy to see how you could forget what month it actually is…. Thanks for hosting the fab #brilliantblogposts lovely Xxx

  6. Eb Gargano /

    Wow! What a day!! And what and amazing spread. I can see I’m going to have to get myself over to Asda this Christmas. There are so many things I want to try after reading this blog and watching your vlog…that cheeseboard especially – oh my! And that smoked salmon – yum!! And the pie tower. And that lamb guard of honour – wow! And that smash cake – how awesome is that? And – oh everything really. Oh heck, I can see this is going to be an expensive Christmas!! Maybe I shouldn’t allow myself anywhere near Asda this Christmas!!! Eb x

  7. Lou

    Goodness- Jamie then James you are doing well girl!! The food looks amazing and it looks like it was all amazing fun. The Yule log would also be a winner for me. Christmas in July- who would have thought! Thanks yet again for the opportunity to link up X #brillblogposts Lou at

  8. teacuptoria

    You lucky lady Vicki! I LOVE James Martin. Ever since I saw him present at a local food festival in Wales. He’s charming and funny and obviously uber good at cooking! I bet it felt so strange getting festive in July?! It’s made me think about getting organised though. I love Asda food as it’s so reasonable but yummy. The sticky melt in the middle pudding looks mouth watering. Hope you had a lovely day and thanks for sharing the fun. xx #brillblogposts

  9. Alison (MadHouseMum)

    Where do I start?! I’m surprised you ate the contents of your goody bag straight away! Your photos are sumptuous. I want one of those gin cocktails now! It contains all my faves 🙂 I enjoyed the vlog – it’s always so interesting seeing behind the scenes. Thank you for sharing your Christmassy Day with us! Alison x #Brilliantblogposts

  10. Mess and Merlot

    What is it with you and celebrity chefs at the minute? 🙂 This looks like a LOT of fun you lucky thing – those cocktails sound so good! As for the melt-in-the-middle sticky toffee pudding, there’s only one word for that (ok two) FOOD PORN!!! It does seem strange talking about Christmas on the hottest week of the year, I used to work in food purchasing for a pub chain and our Christmas menu trials started in July – needless to say once Christmas day came around I couldn’t look at another turkey dinner!! This all looks delicious I have to say and Prosecco jeroboam is going straight onto my Christmas wish list 🙂 #BrillBlogPosts

  11. Sonia

    I really shouldn’t have read this while hungry! It all looks so yummy! Love sticky toffee pudding- my absolute fave, so will be finding that for Chrimbo this year!! xx #brilliantblogposts

  12. five little doves

    CHRISTMAS?? Oh gosh, I am in complete denial about that! We JUST had it! I love James Martin though and all of that food has made me hungry! 10am cocktails sounds like my kind of day, pity it’s only half nine! #BrilliantBlogPost

  13. themotherhub

    wouldn’t it be great if we *did* have another Christmas in July?? (*looks at bank balance* maybe not!) The food – and especially bubbles – look great. And I adore James Martin, seems like a super nice guy, such a shame that he’s not doing Saturday Kitchen anymore!

  14. Rach

    That’s it. I don’t care if it’s the hottest week of the year, I now want it to be Christmas. You’ve got me right in the festive mood. Looks a lovely day and I’m so jealous that you get to do all of these amazing things (I’ve turned a similar shade of green so those sprouts above!!!) Looks SUCH FUN!! #brillblogposts

  15. Lizzy

    Oh I absolutely love Christmas and look forward to it all year round. I’ll have to catch the same train next time and come along too! Gorgeous photos Vicki and James Martin seems like such a great guy xxx

  16. Sunita Harley

    Wow, what a good spread! Plus breakfast time cocktails. Not bad. Can’t believe we’re talking Christmas already Thanks for sharing your day with ASDA. The food looks so good. #brillblogposts

  17. the frenchie mummy

    So much nice food! I want it to be Xmas now, especially when it is the first one with Baba… Lovely dress BTW, I love the fact that you have your phone ready in your hands. Blogger you are LOL. #brillblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Absolutely ready at all times, I was shooting Facebook Lives with James too! Such a fab day. Dress is from Marbella. Gorgeous food! x

  18. John Adams

    Now THAT selection is making me hungry, even though I only ate an hour ago. Great pics. although the thought of cocktails an 10am leaves me slightly perturbed! As ever, great linky!


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