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Since Kim Kardashian revealed she lost her baby weight thanks to the New Atkins diet, I decided to return to this caveman way of eating which I dabbled in at Uni.

As I mentioned in my earlier post (Week 3) Feeling Fab on the New Atkins Diet, this well known diet has  been updated, offering more freedom than just cheese and meat on tap so it’s hello nuts, seeds, avocado and fruit, making it more like the Paleo diet but with more cheese of course!

So it’s 6 weeks since I started this low carb way of life and it seems to be working for me.

I always ate low GI foods and tried not to go carb crazy as it’s the best way to eat when you have PCOS and insulin resistance….basically sugar hates me…to be clear though I think sugar and white carbs hate everyone.

My GP* actually told my Mum that she recommends most people eat the low carb way for optimum health, advising porridge for breakfast then low carbs for the rest of your meals-keeping your blood sugars regulated, energy and moods up and health, tip top.

It makes sense to me and it’s even helped my PMT! For that alone, my family’s grateful!

She’s not alone either as more and more healthcare professions appear to be changing their stance on what constitutes a good diet,  inverting that silly carb heavy ‘healthy’ eating pyramid.

So, Atkins so far…

…The first 2 weeks were pretty strict with no fruit, seeds or milk but lots of meat, eggs and veg… week three saw me hit Stage 2 of the New Atkins (on going weight loss) introducing all the above ( I could never say no to milk) and I’ve stuck to that for the few weeks.

I’ve lost weight (still more to go) but more than that, despite having a cold, dealing with poorly children and disturbed sleep, I’ve had more energy than ever before and generally feel great.

I’ve been sleeping better myself too!

I don’t binge on cheese but I love that I can eat it when I want, I stick to low sugar fruit like apples, oranges and berries mostly and I don’t feel it’s a diet or that I’m depriving myself at all.

It helps that you rarely feel hungry as protein makes you feel full for longer. I do sometimes feel a little colder without as many carbs, especially now it’s winter.

(These installations are energy saving though, so keep that heating on)!

..I don’t miss wheat or rice one little bit and feel less bloated (make that NEVER bloated) after meals.

I allow myself some dark chocolate too and alcohol (of course) and opt for decaf coffee & Rooibos tea as usual.

I have also become obsessed with the Atkins chocolate coconut bars and Day Break chocolate chip bars which are quite frankly dreamy and as good as any cereal and chocolate bars on the market without the sugar high and crash!

Once you reach your goal weight you can slowly introduce bread, rice and pasta back into your diet but they will still constitute a small part of the way you eat.

I’m thinking this might just well be a way of life for me now.

So, have you tried the New Atkins?

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*Ask your Dr before embarking on any kind of diet.

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  1. Dr Colin Walsh

    The Atkins and similar high protein diets have huge long-term risks that never seem to get the attention they deserve. A high protein intake is linked with high levels of IGF-1 – a hormone that stimulates cell division and accelerates ageing (see research by Luigi Fontana, published in peer-reviewed journals). This is just one mechanism through which excessive amounts of protein can promote cancer and other diseases of ageing. The China Study by Prof T Colin Campbell describes the mountain of evidence showing that a diet based on whole plant foods gives the best chance of long term health into old age. Whole, published last year, goes into why so much bad information on nutrition gets published in the mainstream media.


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