Appearing on Sky News

Appearing on Sky News To Discuss Sharing Our Lives Online

Appearing on Sky NewsLast week was a packed TV and Radio schedule spanning all sorts of topics from discussing my new book Mumboss to newsworthy debates on parenting.

To give you the lowdown:

I was interviewed about my book on Steve Wright’s show on BBC Radio 2, as well as my thoughts on the inclusion of characters on cereal packets for BBC Radio 5 Live (yes they are persuasive, yes parents and brands have a shared responsibility, dominated by the parents’ choices but child obesity needs to be curtailed) as well as various debates on the box from seeking experts’ help with raising your kids on Good Morning Britain (yes you should if you can and bye to the mum bashing and guilt) and whether it’s enterprising or exploitative to use your children in your work as a blogger for Sky News.

A lively debate with the brilliant journalist Sonia Poulton, I took on board her points on consent and safety but I stand by my choices to share my family and I on my blog and social media channels both in editorial and paid campaigns.

Honest Mum and son at Sky News

My children aren’t forced to take part in anything I do. They love it. Oliver asked to come with me to Sky News as it was half-term (and he attended the BBC Radio Studios at Wogan House a few days earlier too).

I’m proud of my job and grateful for this democratic platform in a workforce otherwise plagued with inequalities. I’m also thankful that not only can I earn in a flexible way (which isn’t dependent on my children, it’s a choice-many professional bloggers take part in campaigns where the faces of their children are protected) and the incredible opportunities my blog brings them whether it’s meeting their heroes to holidays abroad to most importantly enabling me to work on my own terms and time schedule in a stimulating job which enables me to be there for them.


I’m mindful of my use of my children, their pictures and depictions and of what I publish and share. Lastly, I’ve seen my children grow massively in confidence and flourish thanks to the experiences garnered from my blog. I’ll also never forget their pride on my book publication day. I set up my blog to find my voice and help others. My kids are a part of my life and career and I personally have no issue with that, and that’s what matters.

My Dad even gets involved too! It’s a personal choice of course and by no means do I feel what works for us will work for you, only YOU know that but please don’t judge others, making mums and dads feel guilty about creating a life and job which works for them.

It’s the first time in history parents have such enriching flexibility in their careers and in some cases, the same leverage as billion dollar companies. If only I’d known that when I was told my creative career would die on maternity leave.

#TeamTickly with Braun

I’d love to read your thoughts.



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