ancient greek sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals for this Greek Fashionista

…OK I’m British Greek but you get the picture and I must say, true to my roots, I can’t live without my Ancient Greek style sandals in summer and I’m currently waiting anxiously for the sun to shine or even better, a Greek family holiday so I can put my best foot forward in them! Opa!

ancient greek sandals

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Over on Avenue 32 I’ve found myself bowled over by star-favourites, the fabulous Ancient Greek Sandals who’ve the most stunning collection of sculpted summer footwear I’ve ever seen: beautifully hand-crafted beauties in black, pony, white, gold, pink-gold and silver leather, which just get better with age, I want them all!

Created by clever footwear designers Christina Martini and Nicholas Minoglou, their shoes take inspiration from the tale of an ancient Greek sandal maker who enriched each pair with special magical powers. And these sure look magical to me!

Pretty golden wing buckles and straps of Ancient Greek Sandals resemble the god Hermes’ signature pair that allowed him to fly making these sandals unique, stylish and from the many online reviews I’ve read, comfortable too.

I love how considered this collection is with references to the ancient Greek gods, myths, pottery, jewellery and art, creating a signature raw yet feminine aesthetic. Greek gorgeousness!

Here are my top 5 Greek/Gladiator style sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals on Avenue 32:

  • Pink Metallic Ismene Sandals-£120

rose gold gladiator sandals

Pretty in pink-gold, these handmade leather sandals would be perfect with a pure white summer dress and bang on trend with pastels for spring/summer.

  • Leather Gladiator Sandals-£245

leather sandals

In an exclusive collaboration with Marios Schwab, these fabulous fringed sandals stole the show on the catwalk. Give the gladiator trend a tough edge with these black leather and raffia sandals, with their silver buckles and leather ankle tie. I would rock with khaki shorts and black tee. So my style!

  • Silver Medea Cut Out Sandals-£140

silver sandals

These pretty silver hand-cut leather cage sandals make a bold, new season statement, taking you effortlessly from beach to bar!

  • Gold Ikaria Winged Sandals-£150

sandals with wings

These fun, whimsical scalpel-cut wings off a sleek shape that is perfect with denim cut-offs and white blouse!

  • Black Leather Chrysso Sandals-£160

Ancient Greek sandals

These chic embellished sandals are my favourites as I know I would wear these constantly come summer time.
I adore the double gold beaded strap at the ankle, a bit of Greek style luxury that would work well at night too! Gorgeous!

Which are your favourites?

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