Brad Bird and his Incredibles 2 team

An Incredibles 2 Masterclass with Oscar Winning Director Brad Bird

It’s not everyday that you get to hang out with Oscar winning screenwriter, director and animator Brad Bird and his team of producers: Nicole Paradis Grindle and John Walker but last Sunday wasn’t everyday and my kids are still walking on air from being taught how to draw Jack Jack, the baby with superpowers in Incredibles 2 before asking Brad burning questions: Xander’s being ‘How can I be a superhero?’. Hahah!

I love the way Xander’s little brain works and can’t wait to share this magical experience with his school. He got to give a little talk about meeting David Walliams a few weeks ago and even got us all doing peace signs in the photo below (Oliver is certainly not impressed).

Brad Bird and his Incredibles 2 team

Oliver was too shy to ask a question in the end (there was a 4 camera set up with lights, booms, sound ops and assistants which threw him a little) but his illustration was brilliant, and he has a real passion for animation after working on basic animation with my husband, Peter so this session stoked the creative fire in him further.

Xander, the mini maverick freestyled his drawing which I love- and Brad felt his creation was more Monsters University than Incredibles 2 which tickled him and Xander! My youngest is a huge fan of the Monsters films so it made sense he drew what he fancied. I love the liberty being 5 gives him. I want us all to feel free to be creative non-conformists: that’s where the magic happens, huh!

I love these behind-the-scenes shots of Xander living his best life and it was wonderful seeing our blogging pals Monica from London Mums and Alex from Mokuska and kids!

filming with Disney

drawing with Brad Bird Honest Mum's son portrait Now, Brad Bird is the man behind the much-loved movies Ratatouille and both of the Incredibles films as well as serving on the senior creative teams for Up, Toy Story 3, Brave, Inside Out and Monsters University. A creative genius who shared that he started animating at 11.

Oliver drawing


IMDB states that, ‘On a tour of the Walt Disney Studios at age 11, he announced that someday he would become part of its animation team, and soon afterwards began work on his own 15-minute animated short. Within two years, Bird had completed his animation, which impressed the cartoon company. By age 14, barely in high school, Bird was mentored by the animator Milt Kahl, one of Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men. Bird recalls Kahl’s criticisms as ideal: Kahl would point out shortcomings by gently delivering thoughts on where Bird could improve. After graduating from Corvallis High School in Corvallis, Oregon in 1975, Bird took a three-year break. He was then awarded a scholarship by Disney to attend California Institute of the Arts, where he met and befriended another future animator, Pixar co-founder and director John Lasseter’.

filming with Disney and Brad Bird

The experiences kids garner early on can be incredibly formative and pivotal to their future and this reminded me of that fact.

Maybe you’re looking at future animators in my kids.

You can watch the video of the day Disney filmed of us. These dudes really do get the most incredible opportunities-get it?!

We can’t wait to attend the movie premiere this weekend too. Thanks Disney for the experience.

Incredibles cupcakes

Have you seen the film yet, let me know?


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An Incredibles 2 Masterclass with Oscar Winning Director Brad Bird

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