Honest MumMid January (the 13th to be precise) saw me spend an evening with healthy, new yoghurt drink Optiwell, a bunch of bloggers, and my newest collaborator here on the blog (more of that soon) registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Laura Clark, at the Cowshed in Shoreditch House, London.

First up, I popped into the MAC store in St Pancras and they touched up my eye make up giving me a smokey eye and I popped for a meeting at ACE Hotel with my friend, publicist and business partner Hayley.

We couldn’t help ourselves and snapped a few street style shots in East London.

Here I am in my Mum’s vintage 40’s coat she bought in the 80’s, velvet with fur trim. Leather knee-highs c/o Jones Bootmaker. 

East London

Honest Mum

After all that posing (ha), it was time to head to a pamper night with Optiwell and have some (more) fun.

I was half way through #veganuary at the time, so didn’t taste the dairy delights on offer that night, but I have since, and can vouch that they are truly creamy, fruity and utterly delicious-and even my kids love them too.


With no added sugar and only 64 cals per 200ml glass, they are perfect in smoothies, particularly as breakfast on the go, something I opt for (get it) a lot, being a busy full time blogger and mum of two.

It’s these #smallchanges that make a big difference.

Optiwell drinks

We even took the drinks to the park too.
Enjoying Optiwell Raspberry and Strawberry Yoghurt Drink

And the kids loved them as well!

Optiwell Creamy Yoghurt Drinks | Loved By Kids

Fun in the park

But, back to the night-

After a relaxing massage, making new friends, and forgoing a mani (I know right, but I literally just had one on a shoot #spoiltblogger)-I watched as fruity smoothies were blended- and scoffed vegan chickpea and tabbouleh salad.

Blogging friends

So lovely that Lela of Lela London has become a mate now!


I was also filmed by Optiwell’s crew on what my go-to treats are, and as it was January and #veganuary no less, I shared it was virtuous hummous and crudites (Gwynnie would be proud)- if you’d asked me in December, it was dark choc on tap and far too many crackers though.

Optiwell smoothies

And here’s the film!

Admittedly, I did feel a little bit flattered when the director said I looked like a young Nigella. What a charmer!

Have you tried Optiwell yet?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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6 Responses

  1. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas

    Have not tried Optiwell and tbh have never heard of it until now! Need to check out next time I go shopping. like the fact there is no added sugar and only 64 cals per 200ml glass, will be very handy when doing my 5:2 diet. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Ebabee

    Looking gorgeous – LOVE the coat. And Optiwell sounds like a great grab & go breakfast. Tempted to try. xx

  3. Babes about Town

    So why do I suddenly feel like a bottle of Optiwell? It does look rather inviting after this post and the boys can’t get enough of these yoghurt drinks. Would definitely give it a whirl. You look lovely, what a fun outing, adore that vintage coat as ever x

  4. John Adams

    My kids love these kinds of drink. In fact I encourage them to drink them. I’m very tempted to give Optiwell a go. Looking very stylish as ever Vicki!


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