Alexander's birthday

Alexander’s 2nd Birthday Celebrations

Alexander-Honest MumLast weekend saw my youngest son, Alexander turn 2, two whole years!

I know every parent on the planet says the same thing, but doesn’t time fly, people?!

Toddler-Honest Mum

My precious baby has officially turned into a toddler and as many who follow this blog know, he also began another big journey as he started nursery soon after (it’s been a bit bumpy so far but things are slowly improving) but back to the celebrations…

Baby boy-Honest Mum

We decided this year to keep things simple and spend the whole of Saturday (his actual birthday) a chilled out affair with a long, relaxed birthday brunch I stayed up until 2am preparing the night before (presents were wrapped, favourite treats placed into porcelain Peter Rabbit bowls) and cards at the ready!

opening presents-Honest Mum

After an epic Full English breakfast (thanks Papa G and my Mum for popping over and insisting they rustle it up) and opening all the gifts from family and friends, Oliver in dinosaur fancy dress naturally, with the play doh ice cream maker from my brother and his girlfriend Lucy being particarly popular along with the bricks and a train set from friends… we lounged around all day veering between Barbie, Horrid Henry and Buzz Bee as Alexander told everyone over and over it was his birthday! Bless!

fancy dress-Honest Mu

play doh

Alexander might have tried to lick these!

play doh-Honest Mum

birthday boy-Honest Mumtrain-Honest MumThen we headed out for a mooch around Harrogate in the rain (hot chocolate anyone?) and a trip to a toy shop for lego (not sure Alexander needed more but it’s his birthday) before a tasty early dinner in Wetherby at Filmore and Union, a healthy, super-food joint the kids love! They even presented the birthday boy with a birthday slice of gluten free chocolate brownie!

mother and son-Honest Mum

mummy and son-Honest MumA perfect day!

family photo-Honest Mum

Sunday saw all the immediate family get together at my brother’s beautiful Italian restaurant Giorgio’s in Headingley for a great Italian feast in Alexander’s honour! Huge thanks to Great Plains for gifting me the stunning Wild Thing Hoxton dress I’m wearing, they made me feel a million dollars!

Great Plains dress-Honest Mum

Yummy Mummy-Honest MumMother and daughter-Honest MumThe food as always was incredible from shared antipasti starters and ribs to risotto and grilled seafood-divine!

antipasti-Honest Mum ribs-Honest Mum

risotto-Honest MumThe pièce de résistance had to be the bespoke gluten free (really) Arsenal football cake that made Alexander’s eyes simply pop out of his head with glee!

Arsenal football cake-Honest Mum

Alexander is crazily gifted at football, not just ‘yeah my kid’s good at football’ kind of good-madly so, people stop me in the park to ask to take videos/ pictures of him playing (no and no again)-he can shoot goals from one end of the pitch to the other, could dribble from 10 months old and I already know every single item I want from Chanel when he’s signed to England (no pressure then)!

eating cake-Honest Mum

Arsenal is my Dad and brother’s team and together they all watch and shout along to the games on TV (I won’t let my Dad take the boys to the real life games when he goes to London, just yet)!

….Alexander is a sweet, loving little boy with so much personality, he’s a chatter box like his brother Oliver whom he adores and copies at every move and he brighten up all our lives with his cute smile and contagious laughter.

Grandad and grandchild-Honest Mum

Alexander is so affectionate too, he wanders around stroking my hair saying, “nice Mama” and kissing his Daddy and I at every opportunity and he loves nothing more than to tickle us too.

brotherly love-Honest Mum

He delights everyone who meets him, he has this presence, he’s a little force of nature, and many say he resembles Orlando Bloom (my cutie) so watch out the ladies in a few years!

Seriously, I couldn’t be more proud of him and his brother. I don’t know what I did to deserve such gorgeous boys in my life, I really don’t!

blowing out the candles

Birthday cake-Honest Mum

Alexander-Honest Mum…So back to the party, after singing Happy Birthday to my special boy not once but twice (with even the chefs coming out to serenade him), we were driving home full of fabulous food (Peter also ate the panacotta below), a tired but happy boy fast asleep before the sun set!

Panacotta-Honest Mum

A special birthday for a wonderful toddler who simply lights up our lives!

Mummy and son-Honest Mum

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