Can we stop time people because my baby (I will always call him my BABY) is 5 today (*faints)!

How can this be? Alexander still smells of that honey-scented ‘baby head smell’ and seems so tiny still (well in comparison to his big brother any way) so it’s hard to fathom that he’s now 5!

He’s such a cuddly, warm, loving, little Mummy’s boy (thankfully), but I’m (begrudgingly) accepting that he’s growing up *weep.

Xander started school last week and is becoming his own person making more decisions for himself be it the foods he wants to eat to what he wants to wear (mostly stripey everything) and he’s growing up to be kind, considerate and truly hilarious! No one tells a silly joke like Xander and he’s got a cheeky twinkle in his eye!

These pictures were taken during a relaxing break at the Royal Garden Hotel over the weekend where we celebrated me submitting the second draft of my book and Alexander’s birthday.

I’m the resident blogger at the Royal Garden Hotel and it always feels like going home for us-if our home was a 5 star hotel next to Kensington Palace that is! If only! My own little princes, Xander and Oliver are known to the caring, attentive staff there and it’s an incredibly welcoming, child-friendly hotel we love.

So what did we do? We ate-a lot, hung out with my pal Bianca from This is Everything and her family, played in Kensington Gardens and exhaled after a crazy-busy few week:, moving, changing schools and making deadlines!


Here is the fabulous Marco who never fails to wow us with his honey and orange juice-pouring skills!

The soon to be birthday boy lapped up his dairy-free pancakes!


What a special weekend for a special boy!

For those who don’t know much about Alexander, he’s an out-going, funny and charismatic; a born-performer and sensitive soul, he arrived into our lives (calmly) and changed them forever.

Xander possesses that magnetic energy, people are simply drawn to. Strangers often stop me in the street when I’m with him, to comment on his cute expression, almond eyes or bouncy curls. He’s never short of compliments (don’t get a big head little bear)!

Xander might well b e a cutie but he’s a high-maintenance cutie who’s frankly aged me by 20 years since he was born, with his accident-prone, fearless nature (the opposite to his cautious brother)…and I’ve seen A&E more than some will, in their lifetimes!

cute kid

He accidentally inhaled a tiny broken piece from a toy, whilst we were holidaying in Cannes leading to an ambulance ride to the local hospital for removal…He’s banged his head, tripped, fallen, oh and almost ran off a cliff side during trips away and days out so it’s safe to say, if there’s trouble ahead, Xander’s all over it.

We forgive him though…for all the extra worry lines and anxiety…because THAT FACE IS TOO CUTE!

Those peepers sure get away with a lot!

Here are some more recent pics from the weekend taken at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground, one of Alexander’s most favourite places.

The camera loves you Xander (good job you picked a blogger to be your mama, then)!

The boys enjoyed a ‘Marc Donalds’ as Xander calls McDonald’s after school and he’s got a weekend of fun ahead with our best friends visiting us from Yorkshire and a day at Legoland planned!

He told me today as he climbed out of the car for school, ‘Wow, Mummy, I’m 5’.

‘I know son, I know’!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to our beautiful boy, keep entertaining everyone around you, and being yourself little one, you make the world a happier place with your big heart, sharp observations and hilarious expressions!

Xander wearing TKMaxx

Xander wearing TKMaxx

Xander wearing TKMaxx

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Alexander Turns 5

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21 Responses

  1. Katrina Bruni

    Gorgeous family and happy belated birthday to your baby. I still call my girls baby yet, one doesn’t like it and the other does. Glad Xander is OK after his ordeal with a broken toy piece – never a dull moment right? Lovin’ your outfits lovely lady – as ever, stunning!! Hugs and love. Xx

  2. Lucy At Home

    Oh yes he’s definitely a handsome little chappy! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful weekend celebrating. I think 5 is a big milestone – they’re starting school and suddenly becoming a lot more independent. I hope Xander has lots of fun being 5! #brillblogposts

  3. Chloe

    Happy birthday to your little boy. I want to stay at this hotel just to the dairy free pancakes and the tea for breakfast it looks lovely #brillblogposts

  4. oldhouseintheshires

    Happy birthday to Xander! He looks like a real mixture between the two of you and what an oh so cute little face! I hope Reception is going ok for him and that he is ok without his big brother there. How lovely to be able to go back again and again to that fabulous hotel! #Brillbligposts

  5. becca farrelly

    Aww stunning photos! They grow so fast its ridiculous! My daughter has also just started school but she is only just 4 and is one of the youngest so its broken my heart to send her off in her uniform for the past 2 weeks! I hope Alexander had a lovely birthday (looks like he did!) 🙂


  6. Sarah

    Time is the most unfair thing, my middle child is turning 6 soon and I dont want her too.. i hope he has a great day!

  7. Jo Allison / Jo's Kitchen Larder

    It sounds like you had a great family weekend! Xander is a gorgeous boy and what a big milestone! It’s great to see how they grow and become their own little people, start making decisions. My almost 4-year-old became so particular about his wardrobe of late that we’ve compromised to have “mummy’s choice” days when I get to choose what he wears lol. Unfortunately, even on “my days” I tend to give in most of the time! It’s hilarious but oh so frustrating at times but wouldn’t change it for the world! x

  8. Babes about Town

    What a beauty *swoon* I’m not even sure we should get him and Jed together after all. Not only will they be breaking hearts all over the shop, but apparently they’ll both be breaking heads together too lmao! What do we do with these hectic boys of ours eh? Happy happy birthday Alexander, you are one special, funny, powerful little lad and I can’t wait to give you a squeeze soon. Big love to you all xoxo

  9. Emma Peach

    Happy birthday Alexander! What a gorgeous boy he is. I love your red dress and leopard print boots. Fab earrings too – where are they from? I’ve been looking for some just like them!

    Emma xxx

  10. jodie filogomo

    What a gorgeous young man!! With curls like that, he is going to be the favorite of all women young and old alike!!
    You are so blessed, Vicki!


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