Age 1: Ten ‘Tricks’ my Kid Can Do!

Mummy and I cuddling

Mummy and I cuddling. One of Alexander’s latest skillz!

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I found myself scribbling away after dinner on a dog-eared bit of paper (simultaneously trying to watch XFactor on Catch Up), all the things Alexander can now do, aged 1.

Then I remembered that’s why I have a blog and XFactor can wait.

So show ’em what you’ve got son!

1. He has quite the repetoire of words already from ‘share’ to ‘water’, ‘Daddy’ and more (not the actual word ‘more’ but I don’t want to bore you. Think we counted about 8 words at last official counting of words onto another bit of dog-eared paper.

He does mostly rely on  ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ for everything and everyone and loves to point stating ‘this’, mostly at ‘Biye’ (Billy) the cat (despite sort of being able to say his name…see I’m boring you now).

2. He can run a bath. Really. I think I need to film this for Youtube. Alexander loves to turn the cold bath tap and then tips his bath toys in leaning over the bath. He also likes to try and drink from said bath tap. He seems to prefer it to water from a sippy cup. I suppose it’s the equivalent of a freshwater waterfall for him. Weird child.

3. He made his first 2 steps solo on Saturday and loves nothing more than to navigate around the house pushing his walker around, turning corners like Lewis Hamilton (and probably every other 1 year old once did).

4. He fights back. When his older, often envious brother Oliver gets frustrated and wallops him one, Alexander hits back. Oliver doesn’t seem to realise he’s basically toughening the kid up like some sort of baby boxing Raging Bull style training…he better watch out when he gets older! I’m tired just thinking about the fights I might have to seperate in the future. Boarding school anyone?

5. Like most kids, Alexander loves nature and being outside in the open air. We’re lucky that where we currently live overlooks fields of cows and a reservoir so he stands by the kitchen door mesmerised by the animals and the pheasant who often likes to drop by to eat the scattered bread we leave him when forget to eat the Warbutons!

6. He loves to dance. The kid has rhythm and I’m taking credit for that one (being head bootyshaker of the house of course) and I love nothing more than to see him shaking his little shoulders and clapping away to everything from the Thomas theme tune to erm JayZ.

7. Kissing. Well Alexander-style kissing, where he basically approaches me and opens his mouth on my cheek. It is the best kiss I’ve ever had. He really is one affectionate little dude and loves to hug everyone. Wow do I love that child.

8. As from yesterday, he can kick a ball and was even dribbling (no, not the teething kind of dribbling, actual football skillz people) so I”m already planning his premiership career and putting a collection of Chanel handbags on hold in Selfridges. Bit premature you think?

9. Radiators, electrical sockets, anything remotely dangerous, he’s on it. The house is actually pretty warm generally and I love the fact you can control the heating temperature from your iphone with heatmiser so I’m going to be sorting that asap.

10. He can draw, well he can squiggle and proved it with a red crayon over an elephant picture in Nandos the other day. I was so into my chicken I nearly missed it. We now might frame it and hide it in one of the toilets.

…I think he can do more than 10 new tricks but even I’m bored now!

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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