Hilton Avisford Park- Honest Mum

Heading back towards Brighton, this time to the enchanting market town of Arundel with its Medieval Arundel Castle and Roman Catholic Cathedral in West Sussex, we kicked off Half Term at the Hilton Avisford Park for a weekend of quality family time and fun.

Hilton Avisford Park- Honest Mum

Formerly a Georgian Manor House, the Hilton Avisford Park has retained many of its original features, providing a quintessentially English abode for tourists and locals alike, boasting elegant manicured lawns, multiple swimming pools, a golf course and 89 acres of breathtaking countryside.

Hilton Avisford Park- Honest Mum

(Beautiful bag gifted by Luella Grey London/)

Alexander announced, ‘Well, this is a classy hotel’ on arrival which made us all laugh, and he was right.

Our huge suite was perfect for this family and became our base for the stay. With my very own dressing room, a massive TV we could all comfortably see from our respective beds and delicious room service accomodating our varied tastes and dietary requirements spanning burgers to veggie salads, spicy chicken wings, nachos and everyone’s fave: sticky toffee pudding, we certainly went to bed happy on Saturday night.

Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum

I must add that every measure was taken to ensure we were as safe as possible with regular gel stations, enforced mask-wearing requirements and swimming times restricted by numbers and time (1 hour per family).

Breakfast was staggered too and there was a made-to-order menu as well as a buffet available.

Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum

Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum

With two wonderful swimming sessions under our belt on both days (I can’t remember laughing as much as the boys cracked jokes and Oliver sulked when he didn’t win Swim Tag) and several long walks later, the weekend felt part-adventure, part-restoration, and was exactly what we needed after the jolt of restarting school after 5 months of homeschool and a return to normal working hours.

Hilton Avisford Park l Honest Mum

I still can’t believe I would slog until the early hours after teaching the kids during the day, when the schools were closed. This was definitely my well deserved reward and I lapped up every minute aware that it would be Cinderella time again for the rest of Half Term!

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Sunday was dedicated to Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, an hour away from the Hilton, and en route home, back to Windsor. To provide some background, Marwell Zoo is owned by the world renowned, action-oriented charity, Marwell Wildlife, whose aim is to conserve global biodiversity and pursue a sustainable future, with their scientists working across the UK and Africa, creating initiatives to identify some of the most important animal habitats and help restore destroyed ecosystems.

It’s a conservation charity committed to the care and welfare of the animals who live there and it was one of the most most epic wildlife centres we’ve ever visited in the UK.

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

We felt instantly transported back to the safaris of South Africa at Marwell Zoo as it’s set on 140 sprawling acres with 4 adventure playgrounds and literally hundreds of animals to gawp at.

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Providing daily talks, animal feeds, cafes and a gift shop, you need at least 4 hours to fully enjoy the zoo, and you could easily while away a whole day there. The food was top-notch too (something rare at zoos I’ve found) and the gift shop stocked lots of reasonably priced teddies, pens and chocolates (again, a rarity usually). The boys spent £5 each of their pocket money and left with a pen and toy each. I think it was the first time we’ve ever visited a zoo without them asking where the gift shop was. That’s how captivating Marwell Zoo is!

And look how stunning it is in autumn!

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Alexander has been obsesed with animals since he was a toddler (he sleeps with 16 animal teddies every night) and proclaimed that Sunday was the best day of his life.

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

He also asked me if I’m planning on changing my job anytime soon because, ‘We are so lucky to do all these amazing things because of your work, Mummy’. Bless him. He’s not wrong there and it warms my heart that both my sons are so deeply grateful for the perks of my job.

The giraffes were just beautiful (and Peter even managed to fit them into a square for Insta so Go Insta Husband, Pete!) and I was certainly dressed for the occassion with my leopard print scarf! What must the leopard we saw, must have thought!

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

The meerkats were Alexander’s favourites, the penguins and sloths were loved by Oliver, and the flamigoes stole my heart. Peter plumped for the lizards and zebras as his highlights.

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

The thoughfulness of how the zoo is designed made it easy to navigate and enjoy, and the added touches of awe-inspiring themed LEGO sculptures means children of all ages will be utterly captivated.

The zoo really is an action-packed, thrilling day out for all the family, and I can’t recommend it enough. You will be wowed!

Marwell Zoo l Honest Mum

Have you visited the hotel, or zoo before?

Excitingly, you can win a family stay (2 adults and 2 children) for 1 night (including bed and breakfast plus Afternoon Tea) at the charming Hilton Avisford Park.

Hilton Avisford Park- Honest Mum

Enter via Rafflecopter below.

Ends November 30th 2020.

UK only.

No cash alternative.

You must stay within 6 months of the competition ending.

If the winners do not respond within 7 days of the notification email being sent, new winners will be randomly selected.

Good luck!


This is a review and the weekend was complimentary. We made a donation to Marwell Zoo.

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103 Responses

  1. Rebecca Walker

    it would be lovely to have something to look forward to that isnt work and lockdown!

  2. Cindy Sutheran

    After not having our holiday this year, my son having his 18th birthday during Locdown and having to deal with travelling to work over Lockdown on public transport as I don’t drive and it’s at least a 45 minute bus journey, I’d love a break to relax and spend time with the family.

  3. sharron page

    After my husband had a terrible 50th birthday celebrations back in March as it was during the lockdown it would be lovely to have something to finally celebrate.

  4. Catherine Booker

    Wow, that looks amazing! I love a good zoo but I really, really want to win to see the lego sculptures!

  5. Shamina Peters

    This would be such a wonderful way to cheer us up as had planned to move to a new home but after 8 months of chasing, the sale fell through. We really feel like we’ve let our little girl down even though not our fault!

  6. Lucy D

    Marwell Zoo is my daughter’s happy place. We’ve not been for a couple of years and some family time wold be very welcome at the moment.

  7. Amanda Botterill

    I want to win so that I can take my foster son away for a special treat!

  8. Jodie T

    Looks like you had a spectacular time!
    So many beautiful places to visit in the UK

  9. Jess Armstrong

    Me and my boys would love to win. My eldest favourite animal is a Giraffe, and he gets so excited to see them! We would love to have this to look forward to.

  10. Siobhan Mcinnes

    Would love to win this as we couldn’t get married this year.It would be an amazing treat for me and my fiancé 🙂

  11. Jolene Yule

    Worked through the first lockdown for covid hub and now through the second planning and rolling out not only flu but COVID vaccine I’d love to spend the weekend away with my boys to say thank you for them for their support and understanding through this all !

  12. Kristyn Harris

    This would be such a wonderful treat for my family and I to an area hat we haven’t had the opportunty t explore before.

  13. Linda Curtis

    I’d love to win to go for our 40th Anniversary that is coming up ,
    It would be lovely to have something to look forward to .

  14. Tayla Morris

    I’d love to win so that I can get away on a break with my boyfriend as we haven’t been able to travel this year!

  15. Charmian Filewood

    Your pictures and write up make it sound such fun and it would be lovely to have a family break too

  16. Elaine Stokes

    2 cancelled holidays this year, would love to just get away and see somewhere other than our gate

  17. olivia Kirby

    It would be nice to actually have something to look forward to, other than sitting in my house and taking the kids to school.

  18. Laura Norcop

    Looks lovely 😍 my kids are nearly 1 and nearly 3 and such perfect ages for going away and for zoo visits. Our eldest is animal mad and can name a surprising number, id love to take her here (and id love a night off in a hotel! Omg no dishes, no cleaning, no laundry, sounds like heaven)

  19. Emma G

    Would love to treat my husband and son this news would bring some joy to what has been a surreal year for everyone.

  20. Dana Sheanon

    This would be a great way to celebrate my Mum’s 50th Birthday which is on boxing day

  21. julia linsley

    Would love to treat my family we’ve had to cancel so many things this year we love Marwell Zoo and Afternoon Teas!

  22. Ursula Hunt

    I would love to treat my daughter and her family who has worked in the NHS all through lockdown

  23. Helen Stratton

    I would love to win as your break looked like the perfect balance of relaxation and sight-seeing.
    How lovely that you had a wonderful time just before the latest lockdown x

  24. Stephanie Dunmore

    Because I haven’t been able to afford to take my children on holiday for 3 years.

  25. Caroline Cordery

    Love this part of the country and would like to take the kids away as summer was ruined!

    • Jo Heath

      What a prize! I would be delighted to win and spend some quality that is not teaching, or husband on Army duties with the kids. They have been working super hard at school and deserve some quality time and a little luxury and new scenery. Then again who doesn’t!

  26. Lia Burns

    I would love to win to treat my children! We didn’t get any holiday or many trips out this year x

  27. Kellie McIntyre

    I’d love to win to treat my family to this once in a lifetime experience.

  28. Kenneth Thomson

    Id love to win. I have been fortunate enough to be working through Covid but it is taking its toll and Id love a break away with the family. Thanks for the chance.

  29. Jade Vaccaro

    I’d love to win so I can treat my partner and kids. Just what we need after a horrible year.

  30. Rebecca Beesley

    having had 3 breaks cancelled this year, it would be so nice to have something to look forward to. x


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