raspberry tart

A Sumptuously Healthy Feast at the First Sugar Free Bakery in London: Romeo’s

You’ve got to love social media. When my now-friend, PR, Lucy Hird from Red Consultancy asked to meet up last week to chat biz, life and food glorious FOOD (a mutual obsession of ours), she was adamant we had to dine somewhere a little bit unique and special (Starbucks just wouldn’t do) so she got her thinking cap on…

A total foodie and award winning ‘Come Dine With Me-er’ to boot ( I know, amazing huh), the location for our rendezvous had to meet our heady expectations…

And boy, did it (and more)!

Emailing over the link to Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery a few days later, I was instantly sold. More than sold, I was literally high(!) on the thought of a low-sugar haven!

And not just any haven-London’s first EVER Sugar Free Bakery, Romeo offers an IMMENSE array of swoon-worthy artisan cakes, pastries, quiches and breads, including gluten, dairy-free and vegan options all made from natural, almost all organic ingredients.

I was excited, so excited I tweeted Romeo’s telling them I was looking forward to popping in and they got right back, inviting both of us in for a complimentary banquet.

Romeo's Sugar Free Bakery

And it really was a banquet!

The most sumptuously healthy banquet I’ve ever eaten, that’s for sure.

All the yum vibes…

Romeo's bakery

Lucy and I had an absolute ball: connecting over brownies is the best kind of meet up in my book and it’s flipping RARE to just totally and absolutely click with someone you’ve only just met.

Vicki and Lucy

We couldn’t stop laughing at all the food  charismatic owner and feeder(!) Romeo presented us, all utterly mouth-watering and quickly devoured.

vegan treats

Plus we were honoured to have the main man himself join us for some of the courses- it was so inspiring listening to Romeo chat about his passion for healthy food as he regaled us with tales of concocting new recipes in his basement kitchen below- as well as sharing exciting plans for expansion and upcoming residencies as a renowned sugar-free chef.

With a background in economics, a flair for inventive, delicious on-trend food, Romeo certainly has the recipe for success with his bakery and I predict BIG things for his business.

But back to the food, Lucy and I gobbled our way through crumbly melt-in-the mouth goats cheese and roasted tomato gluten-free quiche and vegan pizza, before pretty much sampling every dessert on the menu!

vegan pizza

vegan pizza

gluten free goats cheese quiche with roasted tomatoes

The choice really is endless there, with all kinds of varieties of cake from dairy and nut free alternatives and beyond. You’ve got a requirement or need, Romeo has a cake for you.

healthy cakes

Sugar and gluten free raspberry tart!

raspberry tart

Importantly, there’s not a single grain of gluten in the whole place either so it’s safe for coeliacs too. This is the perfect place for those with food related medical concerns and general healthy foodies who want to eat well without compromising on taste.

A female customer who spotted us scoffing and chatting told us she’s literally sad if she doesn’t pop in to Romeo’s once a day(!), usually with her child in tow who adores everything she feeds him there too.

And I’m not surprised.

Laden with doggy bags overflowing with healthy treats to take back home to Leeds, the bakery’s so good, it’s literally worth coming from all over the country just to sample Romeo’s dishes.

Check out these chunks of sugar free and gluten free coconut cheesecake and walnut cake.

coconut cheesecake

sugar free walnut cake

…I passed an estate agents on the way to the station and wondered if maybe my family and I could relocate from Yorkshire to the area to get within arms’ width of the bakery.

I then remembered Romeo telling me his eCommerce site goes live next month. Phew. *Those house prices were high people!

…I reckon before we know it, there’ll be Romeo’s Sugar Free bakeries all over the world.

No doubt.

Before then, pop to Angel today and taste Romeo’s delights! You won’t regret it.

Open daily for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and events.

This bad boy gone good is waiting for you!

gluten free cake

Oh and I vlogged the day too so if you want to live vicariously through these tasty moving pictures then hit ‘play’!

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