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A Sumptuous Long Lunch at YO! Sushi Windsor

I would admittedly love to take up residence in YO! Sushi Windsor if I could and feel immense gratitude that they invite me in so regularly meaning less slaving over a hot stove for my kids (a recently broken soon to be fixed longest month of my life stove, that is) and more, stress-free feasting on healthy food.

YO! Sushi Windsor are such a supportive restaurant towards me and even catered for my book date at Waterstones Windsor earlier this year. They rock and what’s more, they get the seal of approval from my kids.

child eats at YO! Sushi Windsor

Excitingly, there are lots of vegan and veggie options so don’t write them off if you follow those lifestyles/diets.


Alexander is dairy-free and actually announced yesterday that he was becoming vegetarian (he still eats eggs). He seems adamant that he doesn’t want to eat animals and I’m chuffed to bits that at the tender age of 6, he’s decided of his own accord not to eat animals ‘because they’ve been killed’ (I haven’t and wouldn’t enforce what he can and can’t eat by the way).

Anyway, back to Sat and my girl Tamsyn (vegan lifestyle blogger at Feed Me Beautiful and old school friend) and I were suffering hangovers from hell after an epic night out on the Friday for the Creative Women’s Network latest jolly and definitely needed to eat ourselves better.

We inhaled the delicate, fragrant, utterly perfect aubergine salad dishes drizzled in a ginger and garlic dressing and proceeded to eat 2 dishes of the stuff, each! That’s how good it is.

Then came the glazed aubergine nigiri, avocado and cucumber maki, yasai rolls (inari, avo and veggies), edamame, copious amounts of miso soup made with silky tofu and iodine-rich seaweed, crispy pumpkin katsu and pickled ginger for days.

We were in culinary heaven.

aubergine salad with ginger and garlic dressing yasai rolls pumpkin katsu curry glazed aubergine nigiri

The kids gobbled up katsu chicken (pre Alexander’s announcement)-without the sauce of course because they’re fussy like that and Oliver had his fave: Dorayaki pancakes as per for dessert. He’s obsessed.

Peter lapped up ‘salmon everything’ that the wonderful manager Kasia (who has become a friend since we met several months ago) insisted on bringing him (not the technical term but according to the husband, you won’t be sorry if you visit and simply order ‘salmon everything please’).

chicken katsu pancakes

Lots of happy diners here.

I just love how fresh everything is at YO! Sushi, and how considered and delicious each lovingly made dish is, created before your very eyes in the open central kitchen by expert chefs with the careful precision and months of practice in which it takes to be a sushi chef. I also can’t fault how valued kids are made to feel at this chain of super sushi joints.

sushi chef cucumber maki salmon platter sushi YO! Sushi sashimi salmon sushi

It’s summer now so we’ll be back of course (7 weeks of hols to fill-pray for my cooker please) and P.S. I’m always honest as you know but please let me clarify I’m not writing a glowing review because it was a complimentary press meal, we eat at the Waterloo branch at least twice a month, and always pay in full for our meal there.

YO! Sushi we love you, and Tamsyn, I love you too!


Thanks to YO! Sushi Windsor for another sumptuous feast, we’re super grateful.

YO! Sushi Windsor is in Daniel Department Store, First Floor, 120-125 Peascod Street, SL4 1DP.

sushi Windsor

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