Sol and Chocolate Cake

So this week has been cold, like flipping FREEZING cold as the boiler went bust and it took the boiler man 3 whole days (fair does, it was the weekend over 2 of those) to locate the part we needed to finally defrost.

After 2 oh-so-long nights of mini heaters, extra blankets and Peppa Pig hot water bottles, enough was enough and we fled to my brother Solos’ apartment nearby with 2 little kids and 3 BIG suitcases that might well have freaked him out a little bit as we invaded his place and made it our home for the night.

Now it has to be said my little brother Sol’s apartment is one luxury, shiny, tidy (thanks to his cleaner) bachelor pad- it’s the only set of apartments in Leeds designed by fashion designer Ben di Lisi, all stylish marble counter tops, cinema screen sized flatscreens and not forgetting a shiny expresso machine in his super cool kitchen…oh and let me tell you, by the time we left, it wasn’t quite so luxurious…

Whiles Sol worked (he owns an Italian restaurant), we managed to break the TV that’s quite frankly bigger than our whole TV room at home (now fixed, not sure the SKY box works in all honesty but all those extra channels are overrated aren’t they?), the remains of his cupboards and fridge consumed (particularly the drawer sponsored by Haribo-whoops-hello hyper kids who discovered it to start with) and a whole roll of toilet paper might well have found itself in the bath.

I’m actually not sure what happened to my kids, maybe it was the shock of being warm (we’d been surviving in 10 degree ‘heat’ for the last few days) or simply the excitement of being at Uncle ‘Sosho’s’ place, but they went flipping MENTAL and the husband, Peter and I were a little too tired (fighting cold at night is exhausting) and slighty fuzzy headed with being warm again to stop them.

We did of course clear up the debris (slowly) when the kids finally sugar-crashed themselves out and slept but they were so happy and we were so sleepy and these sorts of nights are rare…Arriving home from work, a huge chocolate cake in hand, we scoffed a slice each with hot chocolate before calling it a night.

…The next morning I naughtily woke poor Solos at 7am to see if he wanted to spend some ‘quality time’ with the kids aka to let Peter and I have an extra hour’s sleep!

Sol adores his nephews but a nappy-changer he is not and he’s never baby sat for us, yet surprisingly, he agreed.

What a trouper… Rising at 8.30 (thanks Sol for that much-needed hour and a half) I wandered into the lounge to Sol’s announcement he’d erm channeled Uncle Buck and was fine, as the kids and he watched the Simpsons over honey on toast (there was a considerable amount of weetos on the floor too) and I spied a slice or two of chocolate cake on the kitchen table. Quickly, seeing his disapproving mother’s face, Oliver, stuffed a slice in his mouth, declaring it was the best breakfast he’d ever had. I flipping bet it was…

Later on that day when the boiler was back on and cakey breakfasts were forgotten, Sol offered to babysit sometime…don’t call us Sol, we’ll call you!


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33 Responses

  1. Mama and More aka Zaz

    I absolutely LOVED this post, such fun, and I could just picture your brother’s bachelor enclave being bombed! And a Haribo drawer, disaster!! My grandmother used to give us icecream in the mornings, she told my mom it was milk so perfectly good for us – so I’m with him on the chocolate cake – eggs, milk, all healthy stuff, right? Fab post hon xx

  2. Charly Dove

    Oh wow what a wonderful post. Nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate cake at breakfast – lovely photo by the way. Great linky too 🙂

  3. Mel

    Your bro’s flat seems like a nice place to invade with its warmth, big TV, Haribo. I do like the idea of chocolate cake for brekkie, too! x Mel

  4. Sam

    So nice to have a willing family member nearby! I’d eat chocolate cake for breakfast lunch and dinner given half a chance!! 😉

  5. Victoria

    i would love to have a chocolate cake for breakfast as well) not sure if i would be happy with myself after that though)

  6. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Ha ha I love this, he had to get his own back somehow for the destruction of his flat so I guess cake for breakfast isn’t too bad! I bet the boys will be begging to go back for another sleepover soon 🙂 xx

    • honestmum

      Yep you are so right and they’re already asking when they’re going back…might give him a few weeks to recover x

  7. tracey bowden

    This sounds so much fun, kind of like when my nieces come to stay at mine possibly why they’re not really allowed over so much now…..

  8. Notmyyearoff

    This really mader chuckle, they obviously had an amazing time with uncle Sol 🙂 Reminds me so much of my brothers with z. you must do it more often!

  9. oana79

    Hilarious, but he is a Greek so the love for his family is engrained deep inside and I am sure he didn’t mind one bit the mess and the broken TV 🙂

  10. Sharmin

    This post is so funny and vividly written i’m imagining all the fun and chaos at Sol’s appartment. Now chocolate cake for breakfast, sounds heavenly. Glad to hear you got your boiler fixed and are warm again. Hope your cold disappeared. x

    • honestmum

      @Sharmin thanks sweetie, it was actually hysterical, cake for breakfast was Oliver’s highlight I think, all better now cheers chick x

  11. Franki | Little Luca & Me

    Haha love it! Sounds like Solos and my brother have similar babysitting styles. Nice to know the kids are happy being looked after them though isn’t it! And erm, a Haribo drawer, that’s my kind of heaven, tell me where he lives!!! Xx

  12. Georgia

    What an experience for your brother!we had a kind of similar experience 2 days last summer at my sis home..the girls were 1 so u understand the situation:keen to explore ,nodanger conscious and hardly understand what we were talking to them…!a nightmare!but uncles and aunts are sooo goood,aren’tthey??

    • honestmum

      @Georgia I know, he loved it really-yes my 18 month old is fearless, Oliver at 4 is usually pretty sensible but they both went wild that night!

  13. Mummy Says

    That sounds like such a fun night – kind of like a holiday! I can see why your boys loved it. Glad your boiler is fixed though! X


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