Oliver-Honest MumLast year I produced and directed a short film (wavering all fees) for the charity ICP Support UK which supports people affected by the pregnancy liver condition Obstetric Cholestasis. I myself had the condition with my first pregnancy and was determined to make a short educational film to help as many women and unborn babies as possible.

The main symptom is itching, something often disregarded as normal in pregnancy and it can be-in my case it was not. A simple blood test diagnoses the condition and this film explains what it is and how you can help yourself and your baby if you have it. It’s informative and reassuring and vital that as many women as possible see it.

Please view the film below (my child and I appear in it) and please pass it on to as many people  as you can/ blog about it/tweet it and share it on FB. Thank you.


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6 Responses

  1. Laura

    Looking forward to sharing this important information with others. Thanks very much for all your hard work … well done. Inspiring.

  2. honestmum

    Thanks for your comment. My Oliver was delivered 3 weeks early and was well and many hospitals follow guidelines that women with OC are monitored and induced by 38 weeks. Please do share the film and send to your friend. It is both informative yet reassuring.


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