Oliver learns via Student Nannies on Zoom

A Science Lesson on Outer Space with Student Nannies

Student Nannies

Student Nannies kindly offered my son Oliver, 10, an hour long science lesson with one of their student nannies, Cambridge University student and tutor, Sameer.

Oliver learns via Zoom

Sameer is studying Natural Sciences, and taught Oliver via Zoom in a brilliantly dynamic, informative and fun science lesson focusing on Outer Space. I learnt a lot about the Solar System, myself! Sameer provided an engaging, interactive lesson with live drawings, visuals and demonstrations, teaching and testing Oliver’s know-how (which impressed me) and gave me a break from teaching duties to boot.

Online lesson with Student Nannies

If you’re not aware of Student Nannies, they help relieve the homeschooling headache providing parents with online study buddies for children.

Their tutors/nannies are top university students from all over the UK and can teach everything from English, maths, languages and science to singing, drama, music, astrophysics and zoology and sessions start from £10/hr.In these 1-2-1 sessions the Student Nanny explains tricky bits, answers questions, boosts confidence and encourages children on. They run the sessions leaving parents to work uninterrupted or you can join in, as I did!

The students tutors are inspiring, relatable role models for children – and they engage effortlessly with your child, providing an emotionally safe and inspiring learning environment.

Student Nannies

Sameer said, ‘My degree encompasses a wide range of scientific content including modules in biology, chemistry and maths. ‘I love teaching, because seeing someone grow in understanding and deepen their conceptual framework is extremely rewarding, and it challenges me to find new ways to think about the world.’ Sameer has privately tutored secondary school students, taught younger students sciences at school, and coached public speaking and debating. He charges £15 for GCSE/A-level tuition, and £13 for early secondary and primary school teaching.

Parents can discover, book and pay Student Nannies through the platform. All students are ID checked, background checked and interviewed.

Studen Nannies’ focus is on supportive sessions that put the fun back into learning for both parents and children. Parents can email hello@studentnannies.com for a FREE bespoke matching service to find the perfect Student Nanny for their child.

This was a gifted session but as always my words are honest.

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