Honest Mum, son and Pippa of Glynn Barton Cottages

A Restorative Holiday at the Glorious Glynn Barton in Cornwall

Glynn Barton Cottages

****Stay took place in February Half-Term 2020****

Now that my sons Oliver and Alexander are 10 and 7, the husband and I have entered a whole new level in this crazy parenting game where we actually get a chance to relax when we go away. I know, right? Ah-mazing!

Gone are the uber demanding baby and toddler years meaning family vacays are now hands-down 100% more fun than they used to be, as we can collectively take part in the things we ALL enjoy together (part nature/ part nurture no doubt) without the stressy bits of no sleep and tantrums 24/7. Yay!

Glynn Barton Cottages

And what a perfect place Glynn Barton is with its collection of 18th century cottages, nestled far from the hustle and bustle of city life, in 13 acres of woodland, enveloped by the majestic Glynn Valley forest.

Glynn Barton Cottages

Glynn Barton is so much more than premium self-catering, family-friendly accomodation however, it’s a Cornish resort in its own right meaning you don’t even need to venture away from it if you don’t want to.

Owners Pippa and Jim (who are also parents themselves) know exactly what makes a peaceful yet entertaining family holiday and have thought of absolutely everything you could want or need from a stay there.

Glynn Barton Cottages

Glynn Barton Cottages

Beautiful yet functional with playgrounds, a swimming pool and petting farm on site, Glynn Barton is where we made some of our most treasured family memories this year, fully deserved of its award wins.

It’s certainly the perfect place to make new (furry) friends and relish an adverture in the countryside as a family.


So come live vicariously through our half-term heavenly holiday and do consider booking a break there, supporting the UK travel and hospitality industry as you do, something more important than ever right now.

Reflecting back to February 2020, I was in desperate need of a break after feeling exhausted from the juggle of a heavy work schedule and parenting two children at two different schools.

A holiday at Glynn Barton was just what the doctor ordered. Quite literally, as I was diagnosed with stress related reflux and was told to take a break immediately.

It only took 2 days in Cornwall and I was off my medication, feeling more spritely than I had in a long time.

That’s the medicinal power of Glynn Barton Cottages.

It’s hard to feel anxious with this dreamboat as your new home for the week (and plenty of trees to hug)!

countryside of Windsor   Glynn Barton Cottages

It was actually during that trip away that it hit me quite how debiliating stress can be. It’s only when you wind down fully that you realise quite how tense you were before your break.

Forest bathing, feeding the farm animals and limiting tech helped me to decompress and reconnect with my family.

Forest by Glynn Barton Cottages

That shake up and the change in scenery had awakened me from a blur of bad habits I’d developed (not eating regularly, wasting time online instead of being productive and frankly being truly shoddy at self-care) and the break put me in good stead for the crisis no one could have predicted, that followed in March.

The kids still talk about the trip longingly and the lessons learnt there continue to prevail.

kids at Glynn Barton Cottages

Below I share some of the many highlights of the trip, reflecting on a nourishing, fun and restorative break….

The chic Glynn Barton cottages boast high tech fittings and fixtures with thoughtful home comforts (log fires, books, extra pillows and blankets) as well as plenty of pots and pans, complimentary coffee and a vast pantry meaning you can either cook or order in.

The space is light and bright with exposed beams making it a stylish and welcoming family abode.

The beds are comfortable and the rooms are decorated with local art and pretty silk flowers in vases.

Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum

During our stay, we got to scoff local produce thanks to a delivery by the Cornish Food Box that was bursting with seasonal, delicious fruit and veggies, and Baker Tom’s homemade loaves and sweet pastries were also gratefully received (the kids gobbled the treats up so quickly, he made two deliveries in a week).

Pippa and Jim utterly spoilt us with champagne and Cornwall specialities, the husband and wife duo live and breathe their work there and it shows.


The Cornish Food Company



Every morning saw the kids bound out of bed so they could run up the hill and hang out with the alpacas, minature pigs, wallabies, donkeys, chickens and sweet ducks on the farm.

farm at Glynn Barton Cottages

farm at Glynn Barton Cottages

Glynn Barton Cottages  cow at Glynn Barton Cottages ducks at Glynn Barton Cottages farm at Glynn Barton Cottages

pig at Glynn Barton Cottages child holds a chicken on the farm at Glynn Barton Cottages wallabies at Glynn Barton Cottages          Glynn Barton Cottages

Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum Glynn Barton Cottages l Honest Mum

We whiled away most of our days outdoors, on the farm or in the fairytale forest Oliver renamed Narnia next door before burning off the Cornish fudge and ice cream bought from the Honesty Shop on site, with swims in the heated pool and star spotting from the al fresco hot tub most nights.

Glynn Barton Glynn Barton


Glynn Barton

When we weren’t swimming and hot-tubbing, we were running around the forte, maze, outdoor playgrounds and indoor playrooms in what can only be described as a child’d dream.

forte at Glynn Barton Cottages Glynn Barton Cottages

Glynn Barton Cottages

maze at Glynn Barton Cottages

Glynn Barton Cottages Glynn Barton Cottages games room at Glynn Barton Cottages

…Pippa and Jim also host regular and seasonal activities for families, and toasting marshmallows on an open fire is something we won’t forget.

The sound of crackling twigs alight melting goo on sticks is what childhood should be about!

Mud Kitchen at Glynn Barton Cottages Glynn Barton Cottages fire pit at Glynn Barton Cottages Glynn Barton Cottages child at Glynn Barton Cottages Honest Mum's son

It wasn’t just the kids living their best lives either….

Expert masseur Carol kindly visited the cottage and gently soothed away my aches and pains with a Swedish massage and reflexology session Glynn Barton had boooked for me (they can arrange a whole host of treatments for guests). Lush.


What a treat for Cinderella here, and to top it all off, I didn’t have to worry about cooking afterwards as Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall gifted us a feast of chickpea and potato curry and fish pie for all the family.

Their handmade frozen meals are also stocked in the Honesty Shop to be enjoyed throughout your stay.

Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall

Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall delivery Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall

Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall

Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall  Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall Angels in the Kitchen Cornwall

Wow. happy, happy mum and tums.

What a wonderful end to a perfect break.

Thank you for the most magical stay GB…

boys at Glynn Barton Cottages

See you again soon for more sunsets, toasted marshmallows, and views like this that never require a filter!

sunset at Glynn Barton Cottages

Readers,  do check out my little video of the break too.

This was a complimentary press trip featuring gifted food and treatments.

As always, my words are honest.




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