Honest Mum and family

A Plant-Based Lunch For All The Family with the Meatless Farm Co

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Honest Mum and family

Those who follow me on the blog and social, will know that I became plant-based a year ago, almost to the day, and I’ve never felt happier or healthier. 

While my kids are not plant-based, they regularly eat and enjoy non-meat and dairy meals and luckily there’s are lots of delicious and nutritious meat-alternatives on the market now, making our lives easier while helping out our precious planet.

Enter stage left, The Meatless Farm Co, based in my hometown of Leeds no less, who have created an array of delicious plant-based products with their lip-licking vegan mince, sausages and burger patties which are loaded with taste and texture.

Honest Mum and family enjoy a vegan lunch with the Meatless Farm Co

They’re on an important mission to not only excite your taste-buds and keep you feeling full, but also to help you reduce your meat consumption, making swapping out meat dishes easy.

To inspire you on your way, the Meatless Farm Co have launched The Meatless Consumption Target, a campaign aimed at encouraging UK households to switch to one more plant-based meal per week in order to benefit the earth and this family is right behind them.

And you should be too. 

The Meatless Farm Co

Here comes the science bit.

According to new scientific data analysed by environmental scientist Joseph Poore, if everyone in the UK switched just one red meat meal to a plant-based meal per week, it would cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by a WHOPPING 50 million tonnes (8.4 %) – the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road in one year- resulting in up to an 8.4 percent reduction in the UK’s total carbon emissions.

The data also demonstrates that switching just one red meat meal to plant-based a week could result in a 23% reduction (8 million hectares) in the UK’s domestic and international farmland use, and a 2% reduction in the UK’s water use, or the same as taking 55 fewer showers per person per year.


The Meatless Farm Co believes one of the key barriers to people switching to plant-based is a lack of tasty, meat free alternatives that have a similar texture to meat and can be used in family favourite meals such as spaghetti bolognaise and chilli con carne, and thankfully took to task by creating yummy plant based mince that was quick to cook, sausages and patties too (that my kids couldn’t even tell were different to animal-based dishes).  

Honest Mum and family enjoy a vegan lunch with the Meatless Farm Co

I even added vegan cheese to the burgers, and cooked up an epic vegan bolognaise they gobbled up last Sunday for a long lunch.   

vegan burgers meatless burgers

Meatless Farm products are high in protein and made with the highest quality ingredients, plus they’re wheat, gluten and nut free, and vegan friendly.

Swapping to plant-based is honestly so easy, and delicious. Please try a swap next time you shop.

Child enjoy the Meatless Farm Co patty burger

Have you tried the Meatless Farm Co yet?

This is a sponsored post but as always, my words are honest.

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