A few weeks ago saw me head down to London for a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Joseph Sinclair.

I have some exciting collabs and speaking engagements scheduled over the coming months so was in need of some new shots for PR materials and both of my blogs, so this was the perfect time to shoot.

…Joseph’s client list reads like a who’s who of the A-list elite having shot Danielle Radcliffe, Will.i.am, Sir Ian McKellen, Alexa Chung and Tom Jones (to name just a few)…

A self-taught artist, Joseph Sinclair’s specialises in portraiture (he shoots a lot of magazine covers) and has a distinct signature style clearly influenced by Hollywood icons and American pop culture.

Joseph was such a pleasure to work with and made me feel completely at ease throughout. We played my favourite 90’s R’n’ B tunes during the shoot, and I felt relaxed and confident in front of the camera thanks to his encouragement.

Incredibly sweet, Joseph even said I looked like Kelly Brook, whom he’s also photographed.

I’m always so flattered when I’m told I look like Kelly (the modelling agency I used to be with said the same) or Olivia Palermo, whom one of my closest friends, the Casting Director Nicci Topping always tells me I remind her of. I’ll take both of those thank you very much and will remember it when I’m having a bit of I look rubbish in everything kind of day!

…Normally, I do my own make up for photo shoots, but for this one, the renowned make up artist Lauren Baker who has worked with Cara Delevigne, Lily Cole and Gillian Anderson amongst others, got me ‘camera ready’.

My face was definitely in good hands that’s for sure and Lauren is one cool lady, we had a lot in common from motherhood to careers in the media industry, and chatted and laughed our way through the day.

I absolutely love Lauren’s make up for me too.

Using a natural base, she focussed on making my eyes the stand out feature, using a luscious blend of gold and metallic shades and lash extensions for some extra ‘va va voom’!

I had had my hair styled by the amazing Ninaย a few days earlier and opted for Hollywood-esque waves for the shoot with Lauren tonging sections to add definition, along with serum for shine.

Here’s a quick shot on my phone that I snapped pre-shoot – what do you think?

lauren baker make up

And here are the professional shots by Joseph.

Boy’s got talent, don’t you think?!

I really do love every shot, thank you Joe!

But here’s the thing, I need to choose two main shots from the blow, one for my new profile picture for Honest Mum and another for Mummy’s Got Style, my style blog.

I’ll be using all of the shots of course in various press pieces and blog posts but I need my brand new gravatars and this is where you guys come in-please help me choose the two for my blogs, and leave a comment on which ones you like the best.

In a few days I’ll reflect on the comments and make my final choice. Your feedback is really appreciated-thanks!

The photos-


vicki psarias


joseph sinclair photographer


vicki psarias honest mum






Honest Mum

In this first shoot I’m wearing a fitted LBD c/o Baujken. Skin tight but flattering, it’s one of my favourite Little Black Dresses!

Quick change for the second shot into this stunning animal print dress c/o Great Plains and my very own bespoke pair of high heels that I designed with Upper Street.


fashion blogger




blogger vicki psarias


vicki psarias photographed by Joseph Sinclair


top blogger & vlogger


Professional blogger

The third outfit change sees me wearing one of my all time favourite dresses- this sheer polka dot LBD that I picked up from H&M many seasons ago which remains one of my wardrobe staples today.

Lauren gave me red lips to ramp up the glamour factor and I’m wearing a vintage YSL gold necklace my Mum bought me in Paris years ago.

Heels are Spanish designer Mascaro.


H&M Little black dress14.

YouTuber vicki psarias




top lifestyle blogger

And for my final outfit, I wore thisย elegant navy frill cocktail dress c/o Jacques Vert designed by Lorcan Mullany who I was honoured to meet last year at their press show.

Mullany has created dresses for Taylor Swift and Princess Diana among others and creates flattering, elegant showstoppers like this.

I simply adore this frock.


pro blogger


top blogger

Such a fun high energy shoot which I feel really caught my personality on camera.

Thank you Joseph and Lauren for your sheer talent and amazing energy! xx

I captured the whole day on my vlog too which you can watch below!

You can of course, keep up with my adventures by subscribing to my You Tube channel here.

I can’t wait to read your comments,




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149 Responses

  1. Nicky Kentisbeer

    What a fabulous day you had. They are lovely pictures – my faves are 5 and 16 – both really beautiful. You have a difficult choice on your hands. Hopefully they can all be used in the fullness of time. Good luck deciding and thank you for hosting. Nicky

    • Honest Mum

      Thank you for your kind words, yes I will use them all but need to choose two key images, one for each blog, so glad you like them x

  2. Nicolle

    Lovely pics! I like 5 and 16 as they looks most natural. Wish I was as photogenic as you! X

  3. Morgan Prince

    You look fabulous in every one but my favourites are 9 and 17. I particularly like 17, I think it’s your eyes – they seem to sparkle that bit more in that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. MEl

    Oh wow, what a stunning mama! Those shots are absolutely perfect. I looked up your makeup artist: what a talented lady! You look happy, glowing, you yummy mummy!

    • Honest Mum

      Aw thanks beautiful, Lauren is amazing isn’t she as is Joseph, an absolute dream team, so glad you like these. The energy and day was so relaxed and fun, so glad it came across in the shots too x

  5. Hannah Parker

    Gosh so many good’uns V! No wonder you need help ๐Ÿ˜‰ I recon 6 because it shows how friendly and approachable you are. Good luck choosing and I really do love those shoes…and the dress come to think of it!


    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Hannah, that means a lot, Uju’s fave is 6 too, she had a sneak peek before I went for the public vote ;). Decisions hey, thanks for your kind words x

  6. Osy Stylediarybyosy

    All these pictures are so beautiful and you look like you had an amazing time shooting. 6 and 17 are my top choices.

  7. Debbie

    Hi Vicki, oooOOOooo, you look fab in all of the pictures!It’s a toughie to chose two for your new Gravatars.

    I’d go for either pictures 5 or 17 for your Honest Mum blog Gravatar and either 6 or 15 for your style blog.

    Absolutely love your hair!

  8. Mim

    So what I need is a photographer like this in my life ha ha! I don’t want to sound like a complete creep but these pics are just beautiful – I haven’t met you in person obv but I feel like he’s captured your personality completely in them – they’re like ‘look, I’m fun and confident but I mean business too’ ha! Don’t get me started on The Hair. Jelly, just cut all mine off! Mim x

  9. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Oh I adore 6 & 17! I think 6 for here & 17 for mummy’s got style. Your hair & makeup were fab & all of the photos turned out great. Joseph captured your beautiful smile! Thanks so much for hosting hun, good luck choosing a photo! x

    • Honest Mum

      Aw thanks hun, yes Uju was the first to see these and she loves 6 too! Thinking 17 for here though, Joseph and Lauren made the day so fun xx

  10. El

    Absolutely stunning! I like 6 & 16 best! It’s great to have a photographer who can put you at ease. That’s so important and you look like you’re having so much fun! I guess that’s the main thing, isn’t it? To have fun and be yourself!

  11. Jennifer

    What a wonderful shoot! So many beautiful pictures and gorgeous dresses! My favourite is number 6 though — you look really happy and comfortable! Thanks for hosting #brilliantblogposts!

  12. Silly Mummy

    Lovely photos and amazing hair! 3 & 5 (esp 3) are my absolute favourites. But I also really like 17 & 18, & I think maybe 18 would be good for a fashion blog. So I would maybe say 3 and 18. #brilliantblogposts

  13. Jessica Powell

    You look like you’re having so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think my fave is #2 – the arms gives it a bit of attitude! Close seconds are #17 and #5. x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks Jessica, it was so much fun-so relaxed and it really shows in the photos I reckon. Thanks for that, fab to hear yours and everyone’s thoughts x

  14. Angela

    They are all beautiful,as you are absolutely gorgeous, but I really like #4 & #9! I love this link-up, thank you for hosting!!

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks so much Emma, thinking 17 is the way forward, it’s the fave so far on my personal FB page too, thanks so much for commenting x

  15. Charlotte Oates

    Wow! You you simply stunning Vicki. Personally my favourites are 2,3 and 6 but in all honestly you look fabulous in all of them so it doesn’t really matter which you pick ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Amy

    oh gosh this is so hard to chose as they’re all stunning but from the three outfits I like
    Number 1
    Number 16 (good for MGT)
    Number 17
    But they are all amazing xx

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks darling, really appreciate everyone’s feedback, I was thinking 17 for HM-it’s hard because Joseph is so talented. Husband likes 17 the best too xx

  17. Kirsten Wick

    I love love love these photos Vicki, you look beautiful. I can’t even tell what my fave is but I really love your black dress with the polka dots! Love, Kirsten xx


  18. Laurie

    Vikki! All of the photos are beautiful. 8 9 and 18 are my favourites if I hadto choose. Look forwardto seeing which one you pick
    Laurie x

  19. Emma T

    My favourites are 5, 17 and 16. But really, all are stunning. Modelling definitely suits you and I love that final dress

    • Honest Mum

      Oh Emma what a kind compliment, thank you. Really touched by everyone’s words and will be reflecting on everyone’s words before I choose. Thank you lovely x

  20. Sarah

    Wow! Stunning shots, you look gorgeous. 6, 11, 16 & 18 are my favourites, 6 makes me smile though, you look so happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Oooooooooooh I just love picking out favourites from shoots!!!! I thought I’d choose my favourite from each outfit:

    LBD: #6 (this one is CRAZY gorgeous!!)
    Animal print dress: #10
    LBD with polka dots: #13
    Navy cocktail dress: #17 (and this is INSANELY gorgeous!)

    Can he shoot me next pleeeeeeease…?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Catherine x

    • Honest Mum

      Love this comment, I really need to choose one for MGS too so the outfit matters a lot there. He’s amazing Catherine, you should totally get him to shoot you, complete dream team xx

  22. Mrs C

    I love 2,3 and 18!And that polka dot dress – gorgeous! I wish I was as confident as you in front of a camera I tend to look like a cross between an awkward 10 year old and a rabbit caught in headlights!x

    • Honest Mum

      Thanks lovely and I think it just comes the more you do it, bet you look fab, keep getting in front of the camera until it feels natural x

  23. Lizzie Roles

    6, 8, 14, 17 & 18 are my favourites where you look really comfortable, confident, and natural. Love this shoot! You look amazing and I had to choose photo’s in each outfit. Your makeup, and hair look awesome and the photographer is such a talent, what a great day. Lizzie xo


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