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A Night Out with the Creative Women’s Network

Creative Women's Network

(The latest night out with the Creative Women’s Network)

Women together are strong. Those were the words adorned on a badge my Mum gave me to wear when I was two. She reminds me of that often. I love women and value the friendships and work relationships I have with them, new and old. I’ve always been a girls’ girl (equally value men by the way and my management team are in fact male and I have a handful of close male friends too) but most of my friends are girls from best friends I’ve had since school to new colleagues or school-mum friends I’ve recently met. Yes, Mean Girls exist (and it often shocks me how many there are particularly in this field I’m in)  but post therapy I’ve come to realise a lot of that b**** drama and angst is other people’s problems, quite literally, that those who attack are the ones who require the greatest help and support.

Side note: I’ve only just noticed the photo bomber waving in the back in the top photo!

Creative Women's Network

I equally empathise with how hard it is for we women to operate in a patriarchal society that hits us with a short stick at every turn, no more so than when you become a mother. Changes are amidst but the gender pay gap will take 100 years to close, and as a working mother, I know first-hand how inflexible the workplace can be, it’s why I left filmmaking to blog back in 2010.

Blogging can however, be a lonely job (it’s usually just me and my laptop) so over a year ago, Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art, and I, decided to set up a network where creative women like us could meet, feel inspired and meaningfully connect on, and offline.

Maggy’s fab new book Easy Paper Projects di require her full attention of late so while she no longer runs the group with me, she’s still an active member.

I’m truly grateful to this community and everyone’s continued support with the group. A special thanks to Esther Bell for helping me out with recent events too, the last being a ‘jolly’ in Mayfair where 27 of us got together for a night of delicious food at YUU Kitchen and a whole lot of Moet (hic!) at the Ice Bar (thanks to the wonderful Charlotte Davey for arranging), and while I can’t tag everyone (sorry guys, there’s just so many of you), I came home and reflected on what the evening had done for me, personally and wanted to share it.

I left feeling nourished, happy, tipsy (!) and bursting with inspiration, which is exactly what happens when brilliant women meet and share from the heart. I soaked up vital information that evening which spanned everything from business tips from mega successful entrepreneurial women to advice on health matters from PMT and weight-loss to the the power of Vitamin E oil, something I was reminded of that night and have started using on my thyroid scar.

Thank you ladies, you rock!

Creative Women's Network

I was also reminded of that magical energy which arises when warm and wonderful women come together.

Creative Women's Network

Dara Ford who has designed some beautiful pieces for me also made the evening as did my new business partner, digital strategist Lucy Griffiths (we decided to set up a business when we connected via the group). Entrepreneur and Life Coach Ruth Kudzi (far right) also joined us.


And, the wonderful Kathryn Koromilas even flew in from Scotland after we met when she attended my book tour date in Belfast earlier this year!


My close pal Uju, writer, author and founder of the brilliant Babes About Town, author and blogger Ivana Poku of Mum’s Journey and PR, Esther Bell.

Creative Women's Network

Lucy is here with my good pal, TV News Editor, Joanna of Mind the Mummy.

blogger friends

I spent a night feeling all warm and fuzzy from seeing so many like-minded, awesome ladies together in one room. From the laughter, hugs and sharing of tit bits of our lives, we came together, we drank too much and most importantly, opened our hearts to one another. Soppy but true.

Vicki, Dr Larissa Corda and Uju Asika

(above with This Morning’s Gynaecologist and my friends, Dr Larisa Corda and Uju).

Such fun!


You can request to join the Creative Women’s Network on Facebook HERE.

There are no mean girls here. You can always sit with us!

Thanks to the talented Laura Shimili Mears for the fabulous photos (and Larisa for the photo of her with Uju and I).

Read about the previous event here.

night out

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