Citroen C4 and Vicki Blogging is not just my (4th) love and job, but it’s also a great way to experience events, products and experiences I can share with my family. Last weekend, we were the new C4 Picasso’s guests at the Harry Potter Tour in Watford, allowing me  the opportunity to test drive the new Picasso before having a day absorbing all things HP!

On the look out to buy a new car once we move house, I have a clear idea of the kind of motor I’d like: lots of space, something reliable and of course, it needs to be a little bit pretty!


Enter the C4 Picasso stage left! As soon as I clapped eyes on it, I was sold…firstly by the fact the red model matched my lipstick alone (shallow, moi!) and then, how spacious it looked! The French make everything look classically beautiful anyway from make up to men (my husband is part French, naturally) and the C4 Picasso is no exception!

Citroen C4 seatsNot only is it a chic 5 seater (when you thought those three words couldn’t co exist) but every consideration you can imagine for busy families has been made including electric sunshades in the car, two mirrors so you can watch your kids if you need to in the car, a built in sat nav, tonnes of storage within for all the things we promise we won’t cart around but do (wet wipe anyone?) and wait for it…

Citroen sat nav and mirrors…This car actually reverses for you, using cameras and (erm) car technology…talk about magic! I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable allowing the car to park automatically every time I drove it, but this would be perfect for those not so confident in reverse gear. I actually pride myself on my reserve parking thanks to BSM’s trusty formula on getting it just right everytime! Years later, I still use it!

Vicki driving

As you can see, I really enjoyed taking the Picasso for a spin (in the blue version this time), it was a dream to drive and my trusty husband photographer was on hand to take the snaps! Brilliant!

…So the seven seater is out in January and we’ll definitely be considering it for this family.

After a fabulous lunch for all, we were ushered to the front of the queue for the Harry Potter tour. As a filmmaker, I have long admired the colossal contribution Harry Potter has made to the British film industry but I must be honest and declare that although I adored the first book and film, the phenomenon mostly passed me by as my back to back film school Gangster flick obsession took over during my Uni years and I never really caught up!

However walking on set after breathtaking set and witnessing the sheer brilliance from cast and crew in making these epic films, I was left truly moved and promised myself to return to the books and films once more.

Harry Potter tour

Harry Potter tourHarry Potter

Harry Potter tour Ideally, I hope to fully discover Harry Potter with my eldest son Oliver when he’s old enough. At three and a half, he rushed us through the tour in all his excitement, watching in awe at moving owls and spectacular CGI demonstatrations, asking many, many questions (most I couldn’t answer- if only I’d read all the books!) and making us laugh with his constant referral to Harry Potter as “Harry Potty”!

I feel a ninth film targeted at toddlers coming on! No need to thank me JK!

Harry Potter tour

Harry Potter

I would actually like to return to the tour solo so I can have more time to absorb everything-I think we only spent 40 minutes from start to finish when most spend hours. Nonetheless, a marvellous, utterly stimulating and entertaining day was had by all.

…Sunday was spent with great friends mostly eating and laughing in Hampstead before heading to Kenwood House nearby for an English Heritage fair where Oliver rolled around in hay and watched a horse chew grass (bit like being in Leeds then!). We also queued for a whole 30 minutes for ice cream. Well, this is London folks!

Oliver playing in hay

London weekendSpending time with people we love having fun in London meant the whole weekend from start to finish was truly magical!

I returned back to Leeds a little sad to leave  (a piece of my heart will always belong to the Big Smoke) and I’m looking forward to returning again soon!

I know I have the best of both worlds living near the countryside in Leeds and visiting London for work and play but sometimes saying goodbye to my old ‘friend’ is tough.

My husband reminded me on the motorway that no longer living in London means now when we visit we get to do all the things we always said we would but never had time to, when we lived there!

Now for a date with the 7 Harry Potter films I haven’t seen out of 8! See you in a million hours!

So, have you tried the new C4 Picasso or visited the Harry Potter tour? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Photographs ©Peter Broadbent.



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22 Responses

  1. TheBoyandMe

    I’ve not done either, however would like to do both.

    First: the car. I drive a Renault Scenic and I’ve always felt that the Picasso and the Scenic were on a par and very similar cars; both spacious with family-orientated gadgets. I really like the look of the new Picasso and the design is beautiful. I’d have to have red, my last Scenic was red and I adored it.

    Then HP. Oh *sigh*. I’d love to go there!

  2. wendy

    sounds like you had an amazing weekend, really love the shiny red car..We went to the harry potter tour and we absolutely loved it xx :0)

  3. Babes about Town

    What a snazzy car, suits you ma’am 😉 And *gasp*, you weren’t clued up on the Harry Potter phenomenon? I’m a massive HP fan and have been wanting to go, but wasn’t sure the babes were old enough — I wouldn’t let them near the books or movies yet. Although can’t wait for E to read book 1, think he’s almost ready!

    Love the shots of O in the hay, and ‘Harry Potty’… lol 😉

  4. Mirka @Kahanka

    Shame we are away for the whole of summer holiday, a would have loved taking part in the Harry Potter tour… by the way, it is just 15 mins from where we live!!! It looks like you had an amazing day.

  5. Mummy Matters

    Sadly I didn’t get to test drive the C4 as they ushered us off to Harry Potter so quickly and by the time we came back the marquee and the team was all gone 🙁 It’s a shame as I was looking forward to it, the car looks great and after driving the DS5 last year in France I have been converted to a Citroen fan.

    As for Harry Potter, we loved it soooo much. We have been having Harry Potter film-fest ever since, we only have two of the eight left to watch again 🙂

    • honestmum

      @MummyMatters it really is a fab car-we are now considering getting one as a 7 seater. HP tour was fabulous wasn’t it. Well done you guys on watching so many!

  6. WhoopAss

    We did the HP tour last week and were totally bowled over. I thought it was a bit expensive before we went, but having done the tour and seen the excitement in my boys and the way their imaginations were fired up by the display of incredible vision and talent made me reconsider and I really recommend it. We were in there for around three hours and I could happily have stayed longer if the kids weren’t so keen to get to the gift shop. My youngest (just turned six) has never shown any interest in HP before so was having a moan before. He left a convert and has now watched the first three films and we’re reading the first book together at bed time. I’ve been a fan since the original book and it’s so incredible to see everything up close like this. It really does feel magical.

    PS: nice car 😀

    • honestmum

      @Whoop Ass yes it is expensive but great you spent so long in there. We didn’t pay in return for this post and I would like to return solo or when the kids are older so I don’t feel so rushed through everything.

  7. Luci -

    Saw Mummy Barrow’s post on the Harry Potter tour earlier in the week, I am so going along, my husband is a huge fan and I know MP will love it too! That shiny red car looks rather fabulous, I’m more of a classic car girl these days, but I could be tempted!!

  8. alexander residence

    What a wonderful post, such a fab insight into a wonderful weekend. I taught thw first Harry Potter to an English class on teaching practice so read them as they came out, they are so special to me. Car looks fab, as does its driver 😉 lovely pics as ever Peter!

    • honestmum

      @Alexander residence Oh Penny, I bet your class loved that. More teachers need to be like you. What an inspiration. I remember creating improvisation and drama around the Poetry Anthology for my GCSE students and they loved it. That car was too cool!

  9. Colette

    I cannot stress enough how much I am in love with the Harry Potter books and films. Not only is it brilliant literature, the story is amazing covering all aspects of general life (in a wizard story? Read between the lines).

    I took my boys are 6 and 4 and I was too rushed. They have seen most of the films and my eldest is working his way through the first book at the moment. There will always be a special place In my heart for everything Harry Potter!!

    • honestmum

      @Colette you’ve really sold them to me and it is such an incredible tour. Maybe we should go back together without the kids!


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