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A Magical Afternoon at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

In the ‘post-Christmas limbo’ period before New Year, we took to the great outdoors (our favourite thing to do) and jumped on a train to Kew for a trip to The Royal Botanical Gardens there (otherwise known as Kew Gardens). The last time we visited Kew Gardens was when I was 2 months pregnant with Alexander (5 years ago spanning a move to Yorkshire then recently to Windsor during that time) so we were excited about the prospect of returning to this leafy oasis just 30 minutes from London, and what a joy it was.

Honest Mum visits Kew Gardens

Honest Mum and kids at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Sunset at Kew Gardens

We try not to let the weather stop us from venturing outdoors (if we did, we’d never go anywhere) and despite the wind, it felt refreshing and rejuvenating to wander around the tranquil gardens, burning off the Christmas excess and ‘just being’ together. These truly are my favourite kind of days. The family and I, embarking on a little day adventure, strolling and exploring…How we love to walk, and even more so now that I have my Fitbit Christmas pressie on my wrist which spurs us all on, ‘You many steps have we done Mummy?’…2 minutes later: ‘Now, how many?’!

Kew Gardens

We discovered an enchanting Wintery landscape at Kew Garden encompassing grass gardens, a wishing tree, waterfalls, conifers, meadows and more (adorned with the chic-est of festive decorations) with bursts of warmth found within the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the Palm House, an iconic Victorian glasshouse with a Rainforest climate, which operates as a living laboratory supporting a diversity of plants, and felt like a day at a spa (seriously).

child walking in Kew Gardens

sun through the tress at Kew Gardens


paper flowers

paper flower decorations

wishing tree

Kew Gardens


waterfall at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Bonsai tree


conservatory at Kew Gardens

tropical Rainforest at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

We stumbled upon an outdoor Victorian fair the children adored, and although we arrived far too late to enjoy everything on offer at Kew Gardens, we’ll be back again soon.

Victorian funfair


Thank you to Kew Gardens for inviting us, it was a dreamy day.

my kids



sunlight in the conservatory

sweet boys


Once Kew Gardens had closed at 3pm, we stumbled upon a quaint cafe, scones winking at us in the window, and enjoyed a slice of something nice (gluten-free oat and cherry cake as you’re asking) before catching our train home.


Have you been to Kew Gardens? If not, you must!

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A Magical Afternoon at Kew Gardens

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