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A Lower Maintenance Me

doing nails myself in a lower maintenance approach

I LIVE for make-up (and, my kids of course-ha) and love nothing more than getting glammed up (those who follow me on social media, know that applying fake lashes is part of my make-up routine most days. as it saves me time as I swerve the obligatory eyelash curling and two swipes of mascara) and means I’m photo-ready when I’m working on shoots and campaigns.

Reflecting on the origins of my beauty obsession is rather baffling as my mother was low maintenance from memory, applying just a smidgen of  eyeliner and dash of red lipstick and often going without.

I on the other hand, was practically born with a passion for all things bright and sparkling and would beg my Mum to paint my nails from 4. It must have been a nature over nurture pull in this instance.

One of my sweetest childhood memories involved painting my nail when at 9, holidaying my aunt Eva, a beautician at the time, painted my nails with clear polish during a break in Cyprus. I loved how they shone in the sunlight and spent the entire holiday feeling mature, elegant and oh-so cool.

Despite this life-long love of beauty products, something has shifted lately and I’ve embraced more make-up free days, in part because it’s summer and easier to go bare-faced, and also in response to the compliments I’ve gratefully received on Insta Stories on a clear complexion and bright mascara-less eyes.

There’s something intrinsically liberating about embracing your natural face particularly at a time where filters and face-tuning is de rigour (it’s sad it’s deemed an act of rebellion to simply happy in your imperfect skin) and my lazy self too is rejoicing in being more low maintenance than before. I’ve been painting my own nails over visiting the salon which zapped my time and not to mention my nail-health (my nails are so much stronger and longer for giving gel nails a wide berth by the way) so win, win.

The change in my beauty routine doesn’t end there, either.

I’ve started dying my own hair at home too.

Despite many kind offers from frankly, some of the world’s finest hairdressers to tend to my locks, I’ve found it easier to whack on the dye to cover my greys at home before either leaving my hair to dry naturally in a mass of unruly curls or straightening it with my GHDs in less than twenty minutes. I’ve always loved natural products too and this will never change. Olive oil is still the secret to healthy skin…

Now, this post isn’t by any means an admission I’m shunning beauty products, make-overs or getting my hair done by the pros (all of which I love), it just means for now, right now, I’m embracing a more ‘DIY hair and beauty’ approach and low maintenance way of life.

Can you relate?


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