A Little Life Update


I have a little life update I thought I would share in case anyone is interested!

We’ve decided to sell our house in Windsor as we’d like somewhere bigger now that Miss Florence has taken over meaning we’ve found ourselves at a turning point where we need to decide where to move to next.

Do we stay in Windsor or Ascot potentially, or do we move back to Yorkshire?

It’s a good time to decide as Xander would be moving schools in September in Windsor anyway and Oliver only has a year left before he would be changing schools too.

So, we’ll spend the summer in Leeds (with a holiday to Cyprus and a chance to breathe) before deciding if we return to Berkshire or move back closer to my folks and oldest friends (I won’t lie, three kids is intense and I know having my family near will help massively in a million ways, especially as I return to my business part-time but there are pros and cons to both).

The good news is we can stay at my parents’ house for as long as we need to whilst we search for our forever home if we do move back. They have a large family home (it’s the one I grew up in from the age of 7) and my husband can commute down South weekly to work, working from home the rest of the time, and I’ll commute when I need to.

I’ve spent the last week with friends who’ve become family to me in the 5 years we’ve spent here and I’ve cried so much, I’ve literally run out of tears.

I can only describe the feeling as heartbreak.

Some people search all of their lives for the friendships I’ve made here.

The laughter, support, community and love we have for one another has felt life-changing (no exaggeration) and these recent times together were so special, I didn’t even want to take photos (most of my friends here aren’t even on social media or don’t like it anyway: opposites attract and all that) and while I hate goodbyes, they insisted we meet up in case we don’t move back and I’m so glad they did.

The greatest bit of becoming older (and a little bit wiser) I’ve found, apart from the gift of time of course, is knowing and respecting yourself more deeply, and this has allowed me to have the strength to step away from those not meant for me, making room for the most beautiful humans and enriching and meaningful of friendships and I’m forever grateful for this chapter.

Who knows what the next one will bring but I trust that whatever we decide, will be right for Peter and I and our little family, and I know our friendships here will last a lifetime regardless.

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