Fulham is one of my most favourite areas in London thanks its Parisian feels and was where we enjoyed Sunday lunch a couple of weekends ago at Goat Chelsea which was as divine as it looks!

flatlay of lunch at Goat Chelsea

You know me, I’m all about the FASHION and the FOOD so after three divine courses, I worked off the long lunch posing on the streets of Fulham as you do, ending the day watching the sun set over Chelsea Bridge. Dreamy.

I even changed outfits midway (the trick is to wear leggings and a long vest so you don’t feel embarrassed in the street as you pull a dress on and off.

I went from this velvet floral Zara number with waterfall style cardi from Zara too to the emoji dancing lady red with clashing pink cardigan with diamond detail, over the top.

Zara dress and River Island boots

A bit crazy perhaps (what I do for the blog hey) but I wanted to take advantage of pretty Fulham and bring you two different looks.

Let me know what you think!

red Zara dress

Boots and gold hoops are River Island.

The red dress was picked up in the summer and really is the frock that keeps on giving and the velvet number and pink cardi was picked up in the recent Zara sale where they were practically giving stuff away!

What a gorgeous day. The most perfect Sunday!

Excitingly, you can win £250 to spend on Zara.

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33 Responses

  1. Marina Owen

    I love the velvet floral dress. It’s lovely. I’ll have a look at their website.

  2. Chanette Kennedy

    That pressed pear and elderflower that you’re drinking looks right up my street!

  3. Hilda Wright

    I’ve not tried the Robinson’s cordials. It isn’t something I’d normally buy but if I had the chance to try some I’d love to! Would maybe be far nicer than a bottle of water when out walking for the day!

  4. James Harris

    Robinson’s are great, I really like their Orange Squash. I would love to win the voucher for my wife.

  5. Jennifermai

    I didn’t even realise that Robinson’s had that many flavours! Will take a look when I’m next in the aisles 🙂 Love the red dress btw 💃

  6. Andreia Silva

    You look awesome. Now that I moved from london I get more nostalgic about it .

  7. Hayley Colburn

    Looks like they threw one hell of a bash, I would have really enjoyed that I think

  8. gemma blake

    love hanging out in London, lived there in my 20s (really before social media was around) and your pictures remind me of that (happy!) time! you look great in them!

  9. Cherry Edwards

    Those drinks look delicious, I love the new flavours that are available now. They look great with a sprig of mint and a slice of citrus in the glass.


    i like fulham aswell,very pretty place.i love the culture. i also love that red dress,very classic.you look stunning in it

  11. Laura Pritchard

    The floral dress is gorgeous and, as I live in a blank vest & leggings as an underlayer, it would be a great addition to my wardrobe! ps – love the decorative presentation of the fishfingers!


    Never been there but it looks right up my street …so to speak and the clothes look amazing on you x

  13. jodie filogomo

    It is funny what we do for fun photos in different locations. My mom and stepmom aren’t as excited about changing in the car, so many times we go back home, or change in a bathroom!!

  14. Perdita

    Great dress.
    I love Fulham too, the buildings and the river make it so atmospheric. It’s a world away from my corner of London (Ealing) but so near!


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