You know those times when you literally have to pinch yourself at how exciting and rewarding your job is, (and I’m so grateful too), well looking back on my day at George Northwood’s salon, was really one of those days.

Let’s rewind for a bit of background, I was first introduced to hairstylist to the stars, George Northwood by Pinterest UK at their exclusive and ah-mazing blogging event in February, where I even ended up modelling a 70’s hair style for him, for Good Housekeeping. That was another one of those times.

Good housekeeping

Thank you Pinterest is all I can say!

George is quite the revered stylist, making the the manes of Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth, Kate Winslet, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley and many more starlets look fabulous for magazine covers, award ceremonies and simply whenever they’re in town.

So, you can imagine my excitement at the Pinterest party when George said he was a fan of my blog and wanted me to come in and have the star treatment with him, setting up a shoot in his salon.

So we did just that.

My ‘Before’ picture:

Before hair

Excitingly my husband Peter was behind the camera for the shoot, as I channelled my inner Kim Kardashian for this 3 camera set-up.  We shot using the Canon 5D, the Canon 550D and a tiny GoPro, the latter often finding itself intentionally in the sink for those washing shots.

We shot 2 films in the end, the first you can see below on my complete before and after hair makeover, the second is an interview with the main man George that will be out in June.

As a multi-award winning director (ooh lala) having made drama, documentaries, music videos and commercials working for everyone from Lionsgate UK to the BBC, Sky and beyond, blogging life has been a bit of a u-turn for me, as I now find myself in front of the camera more and more.

I do still direct a lot of the shoots I’m in though, and my experience does comes in handy, and frankly. I love the buzz of a film set. Always have, always will.

I actually had a Google hangout meeting with YouTube yesterday and am heading to meet some of the team in June for a special event I’ll share with you after, but I’m really excited, despite being ironically a little late to the party, about building my You Tube channel.

You can follow it HERE if you fancy!

But back to the review and you can watch the film at the end. I hope you love it as much as we did making it!

From the minute you enter the salon on the quieter, but still central Wells St off Goodge Street, (greeted by George’s gorgeous pup by the door, to the time you embark with your gorgeous bouncing locks, you’re made to feel a million dollars.

You literally receive star treatment at George’s salon, every one does, but without the pretentiousness (and paparazzi).

The salon’s all about cool, understated chic without the ego. Just like George and the way he likes to style hair.

20150421-_MG_9715-HDR 20150421-_MG_9708 dogGeorge, and his sister Sally, who is Head Colourist there are such down to earth, passionate creatives, their love for their work is utterly infectious as proven by their dedicated team from George’s PA Lucy to their receptionists and stylists. Everyone there cares about hair.

What’s more they have all been trained by George himself, in his way, value-system and style.

It felt a little like a movie set when I entered. You’re hit by a wave of laughter, chatter and appreciative hair flicking from every angle. The salon has that laid back luxe vibe, and reminded me of LA: sunny, positive and stunningly professional.

I love George Northwood’s ethos too: kind, vegan products with an onus on giving you a natural, gorgeous style for effortless beauty that feels fresh, modern yet timeless too. Perfection basically. You want to feel like the girl in the L’Oreal ad. George can do that. Ten times over.

Kind for your locks products-



Sally, George’s sister is a sweet, thoughtful, colour expert who understands what women want and need from their hair colour.

George is a hugely charismatic, creative genius and leader, frankly someone you wish you were best mates with.

No wonder the A-listers LOVE him.

The brother-sister bond and chemistry is the foundation of the place too, childhood pictures don the mantelpiece downstairs, a reminder of their roots and George’s commitment to ‘keeping it real’ as he mentioned as something important to him.

Good hair days, even then!


And how dreamy is the spa-vibe they have going on? George believes having your hair done is ‘your time’ to relax, kick back and chill, and I sure felt zenned in there.



With a consultation with both George and Sally to start, we discussed the experts’ thoughts on my hair. On my huge hair.

George wanted to keep the length, as did I, but remove some of the weight, and give me a sweeping side fringe too.

Sally decided to lift some of my hair with balayage (the French to sweep or paint), bringing out some sunkissed style highlights that would offer my hair more tone and the curls greater definition.

20150421-_88A9986 Sally explained the roots should always be darker as nature intended, the ends and select sections such as round the face, naturally lighter/highlighted. Balayage restores our hair back to its roots, literally and how it would have been as children, and they did just that, creating a colour I was born with. Literally.


20150421-_88A0049 20150421-_88A0050

My Dad always kept a lock of my baby hair which was dark brown with russet tones. Just as this ended up being after my time in their hands. Amazing.

Covering a tiny persistent grey spot with a tint, it was onto the highlights and painting the bleach on, highlighting some of my locks.

Once the colour had been done, George took over (he’d popped out to style Alexa Chung’s hair while my colour was on, at her collection launch)-and had kindly cleared the rest of his diary especially for the shoot.

sally northwood


Once the colour was on and washed out it was time to get the George Northwood cut and style by the man himself.

Only cutting an inch off, he advised getting a trim every 3 months in future, and he trimmed away a lot of the weight. George told me many times how much he loved my hair and in both curly and straight styles so he wanted to give me a style that would work both ways.

Even the fringe can be swept off my face. This is one flexible style for a girl who likes her hair styles versatile.

20150421-_88A0098 george northwood 20150421-_88A0110 20150421-_88A0112

I was touched that George kept saying how much he loves my hair and likes it all kinds of ways, big and wild and more precise in its waves.

He agrees that there are no rules when it comes to hair, regardless of age, do and have a style that makes you feel good. All the women in my family have long hair and I intend to be a ‘Rapunzel’ as Oliver calls me for many years to come!

Blow drying it quickly in a straighter style, he then used the GHD curling tongs to create the perfect curls through my hair. I was blown away-it was beautiful.

george northwood and vicki psarias

George NorthwoodThe products they used:

  • Colour-Redken Chromatics
  • Redken Bleach for highlights
  • Gloss-Redken Shade eq (to strengthen the hair and make it shine)
  • Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Pureology Super Smooth Relaxing Serum

I was made to feel a complete princess all day, the small touches of a George Northwood cupcake, creamy latte and the boundless, infectious energy of George, Sally and his team meant the day was a joy from start to finish.


I can’t recommend George Northwood enough, with price points to suit all, go book yourself in to feel like a star for the day.

Check out the video of the whole process here:

Here are my ‘After’ shots. Do you like?


On the day I had my hair styled, George Northwood were about to celebrate a year in business, and I know, without a doubt, there’ll be many more years to come.

Quick reminder of my before and after pics:

before and after hair shots

And my ‘Because I’m worth it’ moment. Ha!

What a day!

hair gif

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85 Responses

  1. Jane

    Your hair always looks amazing! I have dolly’s hair. Artic blonde dolly’s hair…x

  2. Mummy Bisson

    Wow, what a spoiling day! Hair looks fab. I am desperate to get a new hair style but I am just too scared to make the leap. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  3. John Adams

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I find it hard ot beleive anyone could improve your hair but the after shots do indeed look marvellous. Rather hoping I get to see a celebrity hairstylist soon. I need to do somehting more intersting with my hair! Thanks for hosting #BrilliantBlogPosts.

  4. Elizabeth (Wander Mum)

    Wow! You hair looks fab and that salon looks amazing! I love getting my hair done and that looks like a top notch experience. Really great to see/hear you in your film too. Video is an amazing thing, you only really get half a personality over on a written blog. I’m a bit late to the YouTube party but am working on getting it up and running – you’ve inspired me #brilliantblogposts

  5. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    Oh my I totally love my own celeb stylists Nathan and Zoe at Silhouette Du Barry (who style the catwalks shows and for tv) but I’m tempted to have a hair affair with George now! You look stunning and the salon sounds like a total haven away from the hustle and bustle of life. Do you think they’d notice if I moved in?

    • honestmum

      OOh check us out with our celeb stylists, bloggers are the new stars after all, darling. I think you need to cheat with George, he is ah-mazing. So glad you like the post, amazing creatives, salon and experience x

  6. Ebabee

    Gorgeous, gorgeous hair – I like the before too though and of course the after. Your day sounds incredible – what an experience. And George and Sally sound lovely. I love my hairstylist but I am very, very tempted to be unfaithful 😉

  7. Ali

    I love it! It’d be my dream for someone to tell me what I should do with my mop of hair. Stylists these days just seem to wAnt to rush you back out the door. George sounds perfect.

    • honestmum

      George is perfect, he truly cares about hair, as does Sally and the whole team and it’s about making the customer look and feel their best x

  8. Mummy Tries

    What an amazing experience hon, sounds like the proper royalty treatment! Your hair looked gorgeous before and after 🙂 xxx

  9. Isabella @ Fairies & Pirates

    I have serious hair envy! Your hair (and you of course) looked gorgeous before, but afterwards even more lovely. I’ve recently had balayage done, but my hair is quite thin, so will never ever look as good as yours! And what a treat in such a fab salon!x #brilliantblogposts

    • honestmum

      Thank you so much darling, it was utterly wonderful and balayage is such a natural way to highlight. Bet you look gorgeous x

  10. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Vicki, your hair! It looked absolutely gorgeous after the bro/sis duo had worked their magic on your locks.

    I have to say, the editing scenario after using three cameras is giving me a little bit of a headache. I’ve been a GoPro fan since my friend let me have a go on his, and I’m desperate to own one now (largely to film driving footage).

    Anyway, back to hair. This salon looks fantastic – you’ve definitely sold it to me. I’ve been coveting another London for curly hair, but am now torn between these two as they did such a fab job on your curls.

    It is so important to feel comfortable when you go to get your hair done. There is always that lingering feeling in the back of your mind that it is going to be less than perfect – and you feel vulnerable and worried when your hair is being chopped away at (first world problems, eh?).

    I’ve stuck with one hairdresser for years for this reason. In fact he’s mine and Ian’s hairdresser – Lee of Headmasters in New Malden. A really lovely guy and he LISTENS to what I want.

    I would like to try other salons just because I’m less scared now, and had a drastic change to my hair in February (cut all of my long, curly locks off!).

    I so enjoyed watching that video. You are brave letting the ‘camera crew’ in to film getting your hair done. And you manage to look fab the entire way through as well! xxx

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, I can’t recommend George Northwood and the team enough so go for it. George’s team are all trained in his way so you will get a fabulous experience from all, even if George himself isn’t free. So glad you enjoyed the video. Peter my husband was the camera crew so I felt really relaxed throughout, it was such an incredible day x

  11. Lucy@bottlefor2

    Wow what a treat. It is so nice when someone amazing does your hair. You always look better than you could ever do it yourself and wish you could be like it everyday. Or is that just me? X

  12. MummyWrites

    Oh Vicki, you look beautiful! I thought your before picture was gorgeous as it was, and I loved reading your post and seeing the pictures develop as you went through the process. And your hair really does look amazing in the after pictures, the highlights really lift it. Looks glam but natural. Hope the gorgeous feeling lasts for ages! #brillblogposts

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much darling, it was such a fun day, I felt so relaxed after too. It was a few weeks ago but my hair still looks and feels in great shape xx

  13. Angela at Daysinbed

    Love the Post… and thought the Dog was so very cute in his bed! I’d love to have a fab hair day….. I can’t do much as my arms don’t lift without pain and so my hubby just ties it up for me… I so need a hair and makeover. Feeling inspired! lol! Angela xx

  14. You Baby Me Mummy

    Love the big waves! Baby watched the video with it, danced all the way through and then tried to curl her hair with the tongs from her kitchen! Great post x

  15. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Amazing, you have the most beautiful hair anyway but the after shots are just fab. Absolutely gorgeous! You must have felt like a million dollars! #brilliantblogposts

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much lovely Vicki, it was the most amazing day, one I will never forget, so glad you my hair x

  16. Katie/ Pouting In Heels

    AMAZING post and video Vicki!!! One of your best. I dunno lady you just get better and better, incredible! Now you know, I LOVE your barnet anyway (I always have severe hair envy whenever I see you and always want to touch it!!) but I have to say, George has somehow made it even more incredible. As Marta said, you look (even) more like a movie star. Gorgeous.

    Loved the video and all of the shots. Brilliant to hear about George and his super duper work and hear how lovely he is (and his sister Sally). And as for the salon – WOW. Now then, when can i book in to get the George Northwood treatment? I hear he does a mean bob….:) xxx

  17. Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    That looks like such a lovely salon. I love how he trains all the stylist himself and he works alongside his sister, i bet the salon has such a lovely atmosphere. You hair always looks great but the subtle change is lovely and really suits you xx

  18. Megan - Truly Madly

    Vicky – I love this! One of your best posts yet – the video and images really show that it is such a treat to go to this salon and also how great they are! Lovely hair, but then it always is 🙂

  19. Marta

    Hi Vicki,

    Not a big difference because your hair is already beautiful, but after the treatment you looked more like a movie star. Perfect for your videos.

    The video is quite good, but I almost can’t hear what you and others are saying, can you decrease the music volume a little bit while you guys are talking? I’m telling you this with the best of intentions, please don’t get me wrong, I really love your videos.

    Best wishes,
    xx Marta

    • honestmum

      No worries Marta, the sound levels work for me and we wanted it to feel fresh with the soundtrack. So glad you liked the end result, I felt a million dollars after the George treatment x

  20. Leigh - Headspace Perspective

    What an amazing salon – looks like an incredible experience of a hairdo! Your hair is always beautiful, and I’m glad you’ve kept your magnificent mane. The idea of bayalage is interesting – I’ve had my hair coloured for years to cover the grey, it sounds like a much more subtle way of doing it (as much as I love my ‘bronde’!

    Beautiful post as always, Vicki xxx


    • honestmum

      Thanks sweetie, they did cover the grey with colour but I always find highlights cover the grey hairs, I have one annoying spot of greys I’ve had since I was 15 and they’re tough to cover but they did it and it’s lasted x

  21. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Look at you, bella!! Absolutely divine. Those after photos are to die for. What a fantastic experience too. I love hearing about all your plans and trips out. They always make me smile x

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling Rachel, it was an incredible day and one I feel so grateful for, blogging is brilliant isn’t it x

  22. Random Musings

    Really enjoyed this post. I love getting my hair done and this sounds like the real deal. It looks gorgeous too! #brillblogposts

  23. Lianne @ one of each kind

    Wow I am so envious of how incredible your life is and how fortunate you are to experience all these amazing things. You are truly blessed I’m sure allot of hard work and dedication went into achieving all of it. Great pictures too. #BrillaintBlogPosts

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much Lianne, I am very lucky but you are right, I work very hard, thanks for your kind words x

  24. Jess Paterson

    You look gorgeous Vicki! Wow, what a fantastic day. Your hair always looks amazing, but it must have been lovely to be styled by a celebrity coiffeur like George Northwood. I’d be afraid to go in case he laughed my bleached mess out of town, ha ha! A well deserved treat for you, and how nice that your hubs go to come and do the shoot. Thanks for hosting xxx

    • honestmum

      He would never laugh at your hair, he’s the sweetest most down to earth chap you could wish to style your hair, highly recommend him and his team were were all incredible. It was such a fun day, surrounded by people so passionate about hair and of course having my Number one man shoot and share it with me, feel very lucky. Thanks for your lovely comment hun xx

  25. doctomum

    Total GODDESS! And what a salon!…*counts out my pennies to save up for a trip….still counting…* #brilliantblogpost

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, loved it so much. Check out the price list, totally reasonable and all the stylists are trained in the George way xx

  26. Rachel Bustin

    I love your hair, its full of life and movement. My long red hair is like copper wire no matter what conditioner I use!

    Rachel xx


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