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With Wimbledon in full swing (pun intended-soz #Dadjoke), it’s the perfect time to share this family’s love of the beautiful game with you all!

My children, Oliver, 6 and Xander, 3, spent a term being introduced to tennis thanks to Tennis Tots earlier this year and they loved every single minute of learning how to play.

Initially, both were a little nervous about taking up the sport, particularly little Xander, but the boys made huge leaps in even their first lesson (hitting the balls with rackets by the end of it) and by the time the term was up, had improved their co-ordination and most importantly, their confidence, tenfold.

Tennis Tots tennis lessons for kids playing tennis

And that’s the beauty of taking up a sport from a young age isn’t it, it’s not about winning awards or games, it’s about taking the time to learn new skills, to socialise with other children, to understand how incredible your little body is, and the potential it has to make you feel good. To release those happy-making endorphins. To make you sweat. To make you want to high-five yourself when you make those big or even baby, steps.

It also teaches you the most important lesson of all, to fail and learn from your mistakes.

To pick yourself up and not to stop.

It teaches you to be a good sport too. Literally.

Teach kids how to play tennis

Thanks to Tennis Tots, both boys were (gently) pushed out of their comfort zone to learn new skills, to hit and miss balls and to GROW. All in an emotionally safe and fun environment on a Saturday with Mum and Dad by their side.

They both often say how much they love tennis and it’s hopefully planted the seeds for a life-long love of the game.

It’s even lovelier to witness as my husband and I, have always loved tennis ourselves.

My brother and I took up tennis lessons from a young age, playing up until uni- and still enjoy a game or two today (even if we don’t get on the court often enough).

One of my very first dates with Peter actually saw us playing tennis in West Hampstead which was quite innovative on Peter’s part to be fair! Game, set, match, he got the girl too didn’t he!

Seriously though, it’s pretty special being able to pass down our passion for the sport on to the children and we’re looking forward to all playing together over the summer and on holiday in August too.

But back to Tennis Tots-

Tennis Tots in Leeds

What did we get up to over a term?

I write ‘we’ by the way, as parents are encouraged to get involved with the lessons which is all rather special. No watching from the sidelines, these classes are designed so that all the family can take part making it a great way to meet and make friends with other parents- and grandparents too!

The lessons would kick off with warm-up exercises and ball games, be it tennis-related or football and even running around the hall, before each rotating with a partner to practice tennis skills.

The fact the children were in a relaxed classroom environment and had to listen and and take note of instruction meant Xander was getting in pre-school practice thanks to Tennis Tots!

The classes also teach and reinforce numbers, colours, shapes and letters as well as tennis skills.

Here are the boys being supported by the very patient and funny instructor Luke and his assistant as the kids got to grips with playing tennis!

Teachers make the course and these guys were warm, caring and really know their stuff.

Matt McTurk, LTA coach and father of two who founded and developed Tennis Tots came on site several times too, his passion for tennis and making it accessible to all, was inspiring.

learning to play tennis

tennis coach

activities at tennis totslearning how to play tennisrelaxing at tennis totsplaying catch at tennis totsclimbing ropes at tennis tots

…Watching the kids practice their tennis skills each week in such a fun environment was an utter joy to witness.

They truly grew in confidence week by week and always had a complete ball (sorry)!

Look at Oliver’s proud little face at having hit a ball!

with racket

And the great news, you can find Tennis Tots all over the UK so your kids can start learning to play too.

The programme is divided into two stages: age 2-4 and 4-6 with classes taking place within community centres, sports centres, church halls and studios all over the country.

They are also award winning to boot and recently won the backing of former Dragons Den Theo Paphitis in their quest to bring Preschool Tennis to children across the UK as the franchise business was selected to become part of Theo’s Small Business Sunday network after tweeting a short biography of their business.

Rightly deserved too!

Thank you Tennis Tots for the superb education and many a fun Saturday! We honestly can’t recommend them highly enough.

Check out their site and if you can’t find a class running in your area, why not consider setting up your own franchise as they’re seeking sporty mums and dads to teach grassroots tennis too.

…Now, excitingly, you can win a Tennis Tots Kids’ Starter Kit worth £100 which includes a net for your garden, tennis soft balls, 2 rackets plus Tennis Tots hoodies! It’s the perfect prize to encourage your children to start learning to play.

Tennis Tots starter kit

Simply enter via Rafflecopter below.

UK only

Ends Aug 2nd 2016.

No cash alternative.

If the winner doesn’t respond within 7 days of the email being sent, a new random winner will be selected.

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post and my sons were given complimentary lessons for the purpose of this sponsored review.

This is a commissioned post but as always, words are honest and my own.
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  1. leanne perrett

    my two sons have so much energy i think thi smay be a great way to tackle it

  2. katy bulcock

    id love to win for my toddler to get him into more sports activities 🙂

  3. kirsty broadhead

    I would love to win for my nephew would is always active and would absolutely love this 😀

  4. Caroline J Robinson

    This would be a great way for kids to learn about the great sport, learn hand and eye co-ordination but best of all have fun

  5. David Crabb

    We would love to introduce our young son to tennis and this looks ideal!

  6. Jayne Kelsall

    My daughters love playing tennis and we have a nice large garden be be able to use all this in .x

  7. Jade Hewlett

    This would be a good chance to encourage the children to try a new sport and fun to play together in the Summer.

  8. Caroline Shepherd

    My two girls would be so excited if we won the kit! It looks like a great way to get started with tennis and get them out into the garden more often.

  9. Hayley Todd

    I would love this for my 2 daughters to keep them active and busy during the holidays!

  10. Gem Cook

    I would love to win this for our children. Perfect excuses to get them outside playing.

  11. Tammy Westrup

    I would love to win for my children to encourage them to be fit and outside!

  12. Katie leavy

    I have always loved tennis and the little man started watching Wimbledon with me and seemed really interested and when asked he said he would love to play and I think tennis is the perfect sport for little ones to not only learn a new sport but to also learn sportsmanship and create friendships along the way

  13. richell lever

    My little one would love this so she can start learning to play like her big sister

  14. Kim Styles

    My niece and nephew spend a great deal of time at our house and my children struggle to fond things to with them ! this would be great for them to bond with the smaller children

  15. Samantha Philpott

    I would love to win this for my son as I think it’s so important to start fitness and activities from a young age.

  16. Louise ryves

    My son finds physical activities difficult so this would be a perfect thing to do together as a family to help encourage him

  17. Maureen M

    The kids love sports but haven’t tried tennis yet.Would love to give it a go !!!

  18. Richard Tyler

    An excuse to get my little boy into sports/out into the gaden 🙂

  19. Hayley Prudhomme

    My children held their first tennis racquet the other week at a local ‘stay and play’ event – they loved it! I would certainly like to develop this enjoyment!

  20. Christine Lockley

    I’d love to win to encourage my grandkiddies to get outdoors and get active but for us to have fun as a family too

  21. Alison Johnson

    I’d love to be able to get my Grand children into tennis. I think it’s a really good sport to play helping with hand eye co-ordination and very enjoyable.

  22. Denise

    I would love to win for my younger grandchildren to play in our garden in holidays

  23. Tee simpson

    i would love to win this to help keep my kids entertained over the 6 weeks holidays

  24. Sarah Robinson

    I love tennis and i would love to get my children interested!

  25. Jodie W

    My son went to a nursery fete a couple of weeks ago where there was a tennis tots coach and spent almost the entire 2 hours trying to hit the ball with a racquet and absolutely loved it.

  26. Margaret Gallagher

    Pe4fect to introduce my nephews to the joys of tennis
    Fun exercise and fun for me too
    Looking for activities that get us outdoors more often
    This is perfect


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