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The bath has always been one of my happy places. Whether it’s indulging in a calming candle-lit bubble bath with a book and glass of vino in hand or splishy-splashy bath-time with my two kids, the bathroom has always been one of the places I go to, to escape the stresses of everyday life!

The thing is though, I’ve never been entirely happy with our family bathroom. Although we live in a modern and pretty chic house and love the rest of our interiors, we inherited an old fashioned bathroom when we moved in and hadn’t gotten round to modernising it.

Until now…

The wonderful folks at Wickes got in touch and kindly came to our rescue, creating a brand new bathroom for us and not just any bathroom, the bathroom of our dreams…Bye bye old fashioned bathroom, hello exquisite hotel style bathroom we love.

Come see the before pics…


Old fashioned bathroom

I couldn’t wait to get rid of the navy blue tiles which made the bathroom feel dark, gloomy and unwelcoming.

And don’t get me started on that bath and sink…eurgh.

old bath

old sink

And the tiny shower head had to go too! In fact as we have an en suite wet room, we rarely used this which was  shame….but now with a fab shower in the new bath tub, washing the kids and my hair is easier than ever…

old shower

But before the big reveal, let me tell you about the process…

Arranging the new bathroom was simple and stress-free. In fact the whole makeover was as relaxing as taking a bubble bath! Honestly.

Firstly, I went online to browse the Wickes bathroom ranges to get a feel of their ranges, all beautiful, modern and perfect for the family, it was hard to choose the style. Inspired, I opted for a contemporary 5* hotel feel (rather than the Faulty Towers version we had), something luxe that would work for all the family so beautiful to look at but easy to clean and maintain. A well made but also timelessly chic bathroom.
More than anything, I wanted a bathroom I would want to spend time in!
Having an idea of what would work in our current space from going online, it was then time to head in store. With measurements of our current bathroom in hand, I had a thorough meetings with a professional and friendly consultant there, Tariq.
I’d never been inside a Wickes store before and imagined it to be a bit of a DIY haven for builders-a specialist store- but it was welcoming, bright, modern and definitely not just for tradespeople as I’d imagined.
During the 1 1/2 hour consultation, we chatted through my ideas and Tariq created 3D plans and drawings for me advising on what would work best in the space and in line with my hopes.
To be given a visual representation of what I could expect was brilliant.
To actually see the transformation before any work has been done was not just reassuring but it was exciting too.
3D Drawing of bathroom by Wickes
These images ensured we knew exactly how the bathroom would look in advance giving us peace of mind whilst also allowing us to try out different designs and layouts before committing.
Plans for new bathroom
New bathroom plans by Wickes
Designing a new bathroom
Detailed plans of new bathroom by Wickes
Throughout the whole process I was sent text messages and received courtesy calls so I knew exactly what was happening, and when.
Even the Wickes delivery men were the sweetest, most polite chaps you could hope for. As were the managers who popped in to check the work at the end.  Talk about super service hey!
But back to the process…
The whole bathroom from start to finish took 10 days and ran incredibly smoothly with minimal disruption to our usual lives.  As Peter and I both work from home, it was wonderful to watch the work unfold before our very eyes.
We got on so well with the workmen Paul and Jason, we actually missed them when they left.
Personable, funny and so professional, those guys worked tirelessly and with such passion and precision, it was a joy to pop in each day and see them at work.
Wickes contractor builds new bathroom
See you later ugly tiles…
removing tiles
ripping out a bathroom
And they’re gone!
home improvements
A false wall was also removed to make room for the huge bath I wanted!
building a new bathroom
I’ve always hoped for an elegant stand alone tub so to finally have one makes me feel like Christmas came early.
bathroom works
And here it is (pre-tape removal)!
new bath
And the stunning new grey tiles are up…
new tiles
Having new tiles installed
The chaps always made sure the floorboards in the landing and even the stairs were covered so mess was minimal and our home was protected.
construction tools
Absolutely everything in the bathroom was removed and replaced with new fittings and accessories from the light to the radiator, the tiles and flooring too.
having work done on bathroom
And here it is…
Are you ready? Of course you are!
Ta da! The finished bathroom!
Isn’t she a beaut?!
Top blogger Vicki Psarias has new bathroom installed c/o Wickes
new bath by Wickes
brand new sink from Wickes
Here’s all the features we opted for…
wickes cocoon shaped free-standing bath
Wickes Flat panel chrome radiator
Flat panel chrome radiator (Bin is Matalan, bath rug, Sainsbury’s).
Wickes Alaska diffused LED mirror
Wickes Niagra floor standing bath shower mixer


L-shaped vanity unit and basin 

brand new bathroom from Wickes

 Everest slate porcelain floor and wall tiles (on the walls) and Infinity grey porcelain floor and wall tiles (on the floor).

Elegant and truly exquisite, bath-time is now my favourite time!

What a dreamboat of a bathroom huh?!

I’m so incredibly happy with the finished room. We all are! The quality is amazing, the workmanship sublime and it looks oh so chic, don’t you think?!

There was just one thing left to do and that was christen the bathroom with a luxurious bubble bath! In fact I’ve been known to have baths in the daytime too just for fun.


Aaand…relax! Here I am giving my best Flake lady in the bath tub pose!

Honest Mum in a bubble bath

Mama’s got a brand new bathroom!


bath time light box

Thanks Wickes, we love, love, LOVE our new bathroom! I can’t recommend Wickes enough.

This is a sponsored post.

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A Brand New Beautiful Bathroom Care Of Wickes

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45 Responses

  1. George Bates

    “hello exquisite hotel style bathroom we love.”

    I totally get this! Love the cleanliness and feel of a well kept hotel bathroom. Just missing the free mini shower gels and shampoo! haha

  2. Wave to Mummy

    Love the picture of you in the bubble bath 🙂

    Gorgeous bathroom and it is such an improvement on the previous. We are desperate for a new bathroom as ours is pretty awful – so it was really nice seeing this before and after post. Gives us hope too that one day we might have a lovely luxurious bathroom! Gorgeous range by Wickes.

  3. Liz

    Looks beautiful! I LOVE that tub. We remodelled our bathroom about 5 years ago and to save space we went with a shower only. Mostly I love it, but every so often I wish I could soak in a tub.

  4. becca farrelly

    Wow stunning! I don’t think your bathroom was too bad to be fair, I think our is ok but now I’m changing my mind! I love the bath although I don’t have them ever, I appreciate a good bath! 🙂


  5. Elle

    Erm, so this bath is the most perfect thing ever and I am beyond jealous! You look so chilled and relaxed lovely.


  6. Mel

    Oh wow, what a transformation! I like the idea of the consultation with the realistic overview of what your new bathroom would look like. It’s impressive, so is the level of customer service you received. That’s so important when welcoming strangers into your home x

  7. Kat

    What a gorgeous transformation! I bet that first bath felt amazing too! It looks fantastic! I also noticed the westlab bath salts – I love those too! #brillblogposts

  8. Twin Pickle

    Looks great! We are lacking a tub in our en-suite (and the other bathroom’s bath is kid sized), I miss big bubbly baths! #BrilliantBlogPosts

  9. Lucy At Home

    Oooh it’s gorgeous! I have bath envy! I’ve always wanted a stand alone tub. A bath is my go-to way of relaxing when I’m really stressed out or tired. We inherited our bathroom too and it really lets the rest of the house down. I’ve the grey tiles and also the niagra tap. Beautiful! #BrillBlogPosts

  10. Notmyyearoff

    Oh my goodness I don’t think I’d ever want to leave your bathroom and I think you should fully expect guests in your house to disappear to the bathroom for ages!! 🙂 if we ever get a new bathroom I think I’d want a hotel style one too. They are just so magical and I think I love your bath!

  11. Lianne harris

    That bath is to die for! Mines a bit crappy and renting means I can’t change it 🙁 them taps look super easy to manoeuvre with your toes too so you don’t have to rise from the bubbles! #brillblogposts

  12. Alison (MadHouseMum)

    Like you, I love relaxing in a bath with candles and bubbles and my daughters have taken after me, so it’s a constant struggle to get a slot now! This looks lovely and I love the fact that you say it wasn’t a stressful process, as that’s what puts me off DIY. Thank you for sharing. Btw, that photo taken from above is awesome! Alison x #brilliantblogposts

    • Honest Mum

      Aw thanks Alison, we adore the bathroom and the whole process was stress-free, the men who installed and worked on the bathroom were the loveliest chaps ever xx

  13. Caroline

    It looks fab Vicki, you must be so pleased. The tiles are really stunning. Such a lovely room to relax in at the end of a hard day. Enjoy! #brillblogposts

  14. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    Oh Vicki what a beautiful space – no wonder you’re taking baths during the day…!! Those grey tiles are the bomb, they really make the white stand out (I tend to automatically go for white tiles but these have made me change my mind). Just one thing I don’t like… Bubbles. I have a fear of bubbles touching my skin, they make me cringe, haha!!

    Other than that your bathroom is perfect ;))

    Catherine x


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