Cool Britannia

90’s Trend

I’m going to put something out there and I’m afraid you might not like it.

So here goes (deep breath)…

The Nineties was the best decade EVER for fashion!

There I said it…I appreciate it’s a pretty bold statement and I know that the Sixties style brigade are not going to like it (hey…the sixties are definitely a very close second)…

So why do I love (or luv if we’re gonna keep it t the nineties) that decade’s fashion?

Well firstly, it’s my era. I was 9 at the turn of the decade and was 19 when the new Millenium struck.

And you know what people? I wanna party like it’s 1999!

The 90s was the era of cool Britannia. Rock stars were drinking tea with politicians and every girl wanted to be in All Saints (hands up who memorised – and can still recite – the intro to Never Ever?).

The Union Jack was the ultimate fashion symbol thanks to Geri Halliwell (remember when the Brit Awards used to be cool?) and of course Liam and Pasty’s iconic Vanity Fair cover.

Cool Britannia

Nineties fashion was experimental, it was hedonistic, brave and boundary-pushing. But most of all it was eclectic.

Fashion wasn’t dictated by a small fashion elite. It was a grass roots movement, inspired by the sub-cultures that defined the decade’s youth.

Acid House went from the Hacienda to the high street as we all embraced the trends from the dance floors

Our parents may have hated it, but Grunge style made the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look an acceptable style with poster girls for the movement, Drew Barrymore and Claire Danes, both championing the ‘choker, check shirt and docs’ look.

Meanwhile, hip hop was also influencing nineties’ fashion in big ways. Skinny jeans? Pah?! Trousers were Baggy with a capital B. Basically, if you weren’t at risk of blowing away when one of your trouser legs got caught up in a gust of wind like a parachute you weren’t in the cool gang. It was all about the ‘Swag’, with TLC and Destiny’s Child influencing women’s wardrobes on a global scale.

….and Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Calvin Klein were the designers du décennie.

90's trend

And then of course there were the Supers…the ultimate fashion icons.

Kate, Christy, Cindy, Naomi, Claudia and Linda aka The Big Six. Dominating catwalks and fashion trends for a whole decade and beyond.

I still have a huge crush on all of them…which was first ignited when I saw this music video. #swoon


The 90s were propelled back on the agenda with Shane Meadows’ acclaimed TV series This is England ’90; and with top 90s TV show Cold Feet making a return to our screens, the cast of Friends reuniting and Ab Fab making its way to the silver screen, we’ve all gone gaga for the nineties.

(I can’t wait to see my friend, renowned actress Harriet Thorpe in the new Ab Fab film btw)!

…Culture and fashion move hand in hand and nineties’ influences featured heavily on the catwalks of London, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks making it on the top of everyone’s fashion agenda.

So now that my favourite decade is firmly back on the radar, which are the key trends that we should all be adopting.

Here are my must buy pieces to give your wardrobe a bit of that 90s flavour…


Engraved Disc Choker, Topshop – £5

Chokers are the easiest the way to update your wardrobe with the 90s trend. Wear with loose fitting shirt and skinny jeans for an updated look for 2016.


Dungarees, H&M – £39.99

Dungarees were a staple 90s trend and are back in a big way for 2016. As a chic alternative to denim opt for these black woven fabric dungarees from H&M.

crop top

Rilo leopard twist-back jersey top, Alice & Olivia – £225

The words ‘crop’ and ‘top’ are probably two of the most feared words in the English language for me, but as the #RockTheCrop movement has shown, women of every shape and size can OWN this look and look amazing. I love this sophisticated version of the crop top from Alice & Olivia; team over a vest and with high waisted ‘mom’ jeans for a sexy look.

apron dress

Gita Apron Check Dress, Whistles – £140

Shirts aren’t the only way to embrace the check print revival. This apron dress from Whistles is the most stylish way to introduce the 90s trend into your summer wardrobe.


Metti Slip Dress in Black, Motel – £30

The slip dress is possibly one of the most iconic pieces of clothing from the 90s, immortalised in the fashion halls of fame by the one and only, Madam Moss.

high rise jeans

High-rise wide-leg jeans, MM6 Maison Margiela at Net A Porter – £235

Jeans are back for spring 2016 and they are BIG. Go for wide legs, slightly cropped and team with Converse All Stars for the ultimate in yummy mummy chic.

If you love the 90’s as much as I do check out my 90’s Style Pinterest Board.

So what do you think?

Will you be working these key 90s trends into your Spring/Summer wardrobe?

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