how I use olive oil in my beauty routine

7 Ways I Use Olive Oil In My Beauty Routine


I know what you’re thinking: olive oil in a beauty routine, what the what????… But hear me out folks because it’s honestly the greatest discovery I’ve made to date (after meeting my husband Peter natch!!!) and my skin and body has never felt OR looked better.

You see this miracle oil and it is truly miraculous, when applied to the face or the body, penetrates deep into the skin, providing a barrier of moisture, plus, it’s non-greasy too (I used it in Baby Massage when my kids were small) and it nourishes while keeping your skin soft and supple all day long.

I have combination skin so dry and oily in parts, but since using olive oil, have found it to be softer, non-dry and more visibly clear, so much so, within days it had diminished a scar I had on my nose (a  bit like Bio Oil), and people have been complimenting my skin non-stop. I know, right. Ah-mazing. All I’ve done is switch olive oil that you buy in the supermarket over a £100 cream from Harrods. Who knew?!

So as well as being vital in cooking up a Mediterranean storm in the kitchen, I’m now also using Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the foundation for my beauty routine.

It’s been used since ancient times (Cleopatra was a fan apparently, so if it’s good enough for Cleo right…and bursting with anti-ageing antioxidants and the funniest term I’ve ever read-squalene- which hydrates, as well as Vitamin A, D, K, and E, it’s honestly the best beauty oil out there it’s just not had Kale’s marketing guy on the case-yet!

Don’t believe me?

Read the 7 ways I use it and give it a go!

  1. As a face and body moisturiser. Morning and night, I apply several drops to my face, legs and arms rubbing it gently in. It’s absorbed immediately, doesn’t make my skin oily and provides the perfect base for make-up too. Obviously, try olive oil out on your own skin as we all react differently to absolutely everything but I’ve personally found it to be perfect for mine, and don’t use anything else now.
  2. Deep hair conditioner. I apply it to my scalp to promote growth and the ends of my hair before bedtime, sleeping with it in, washing it out the following morning. It can also make a great alternative to serum on hair ends too, just don’t use too much otherwise it will go greasy.
  3. Eczema. Perfect for dry and itchy areas like elbows, my eczema has dissipated thanks to this and some dietary changes (I’ve eliminated wheat). I’ve also noticed my stretch marks are fading too since regular use of olive oil on my tummy.
  4. Cuticle conditioner. Perfect to help nails grow, I apply it to my cuticles daily.
  5. Hand cream. Ditto for dry hands. Olive oil is so incredibly versatile and means that you cut costs and save space thanks to it.
  6. Lip scrub. Mix with sugar and scrub your lips with a new and unused toothbrush. This works as a body scrub too, just use a body brush to scrub away. I’ve never felt more reinvigorated than after doing so.
  7. Bath oil. I add several drops to the bath and find my whole body feels super soft afterwards. Just don’t shave your legs when you’re in the oily bath as the hair will stick to the sides of the tub (lush). Just add some oil, soak and dry…. Apparently Cleopatra had milk baths too so I might just be adding some milk in next (I won’t)!

Let me know if you try olive oil in your beauty routine, I’m interested to read if you love it as much as I do.


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7 Ways I Use Olive Oil In My Beauty Routine - Honest Mum


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