7 Reasons Blogs Rock

I wanted to pay tribute to my blog and blogging as a whole, because mine has given me so much and continues to and I know lots of my readers are considering starting up a blog so this post is for you!

This long-form space which allows me to share my thoughts at a whim, and simultaneously understand myself more deeply and those around me, provides me with so much solace and joy. It’s helped me through the hardest and most rewarding times of my life.

As a medium, nothing reaches more people and on a global scale in the same way a blog does. I receive emails daily from US readers for example and also have a large audience in Australia.

I love that blogging allows others to invest in my words and life with every post.

As Natasha Courtenay-Smith, author of the Million Dollar Blog says, the blog is the like the head of an octopus, social media, its tentacles.

I just feel so freaking grateful for this glorious, free, democratic space I’ve been able to embrace and use as a form of therapy and platform to get my art out into the world, pivoting from a TV director and filmmaker to full time blogger and now author.

If you haven’t started one, what you waiting for? Order my book Mumboss to inspire you.

Below are 7 reasons blogs rock.

  1. You write and share instantly, unlike other creative careers which so often depend on gatekeepers for approval and publishing, and are able to connect with a like-minded audience with every word thanks to SEO, and a loyal readership you can build up relatively quickly when you invest time and energy on your site.
  2. There are no words limits or restrictions when it comes to your blog. It’s your blog, your rules, your way.
  3. Unlike social media platforms, the blog will always exist and be in your control. Yes, it may evolve and become more sophisticated but websites will always prevail. A popular social media handle today could die tomorrow. Look at the fall of Snapchat and anyone remember MySpace? Uh-huh.
  4. I got a book deal thanks to my blog. My commissioning editor Jillian Young was not only able to read my book proposal and first chapter but a 7 year archive of blog posts here to understand my voice and vision. Another social platform would not be able to offer such thorough insight into my voice and world as this.
  5. This is a family archive. It started in this vein and will always be a place where I share mine and my family’s life. I will never stop being a mother and this blog will never cease being about our world, as well as anything and everything I feel passionate about.
  6. Your blog enables you to find your tribe. Honestmum has given me in-roads to many precious friendships and even reunited family friends in Australia with relatives in the UK and all thanks to this Greek Cypriot recipe! How incredible.
  7. You can make money from your blog in a flexible way which works around your family. Blogging can be a highly lucrative career when you write frequently, share widely and follow your passions. Integrity is everything. The reader can sense the love for your subject material and your character in your work. Let the subjects which excite you, lead you.

Do you blog?

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7 Reasons Blogs Rock - Honest Mum



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