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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Summer Driving-Sponsored Post


Driving-Honest Mum

(if only this was my car)

I adore driving and where we’ve moved to, actually has the coolest vintage Porsche garage close by-dangerous, very dangerous, especially as they’re all much cheaper than the VW
Touran I have to drive the kids around! A Porsche isn’t quite as child-friendly though that must be said!

Either way, summer means a lot of driving for us as a family, especially with the school holidays in full swing with play dates on the cards and days in the park when I’m not working.

We also love driving around when we’re abroad, seeing as much of the country we’re visiting for little road trips so we can explore! August will see us in Marbella again and travelling around a lot of beautiful Spain!

My Glam Aunt actually lives there so maybe I’ll take her Mercedes Sports car out for a spin while we’re there!

Here Michelin have provided me a little film and some fab facts about warm-weather driving so we’re prepared:

Warm Weather Driving Facts:

1. Twice As Much Fun Means Five Times The Cost

Those hairpin corners and sweeping S-bends might be an enjoyable driving experience but watch their effect on your vehicle.

A sporty driving style can mean not twice, not thrice, but SIX TIMES more wear and tear on your tyres. So throttling back a little means more fun for longer.

2. Low Pressure Isn’t Best When You’re Pressing On

Nearly two-thirds of us (65%) will be driving with under-inflated tyres this summer…. some even do it deliberately, thinking it gives greater grip. But just half a bar of underpressure can cut 8,000km of driving enjoyment off your tyre mileage.

That’s TWO complete trips around France you’ll never have.

3. Wider Tyres Aren’t Always The Answer

99% of accidents happen when the road’s only slightly wet. Because after a few dry weeks, a single shower can turn dried-up fuel on the road into a slippery mess. And while wide, sporty tyres might look cool in the summer heat, they have to expel twice as much water as a narrow tyre, making aquaplaning more of a factor.

So if you drive an eye-catching car, make sure you’re catching those eyes for the best reasons.

4. Don’t Relax On The Straights

After an exhilarating hour of twists and turns, you might be tempted to sit back on the straighter roads. Stay alert. Because, strangely, that’s where 75% of accidents happen… straight roads without blind corners or excuses. Keep focused, whatever the road type.

5. Good For The Soul Doesn’t Mean Bad For The Planet

The best reason to enjoy driving is this amazing planet we live on. And sporty drivers can still be “green”.

Practice smarter motoring – like smoother acceleration and braking, better cornering, less use of the gearbox – you can have just as much fun without increasing the 4.4% of carbon dioxide that comes from tyres. Maybe even decrease it.

Keeping summer fun for all of us, forever.

One company taking care of your tyres this summer is France’s Michelin. The famous company from Clermont-Ferrand has been gathering knowledge about how we drive for over 100 years. And it never stops.

Thanks to methods and technology developed inhouse, its Road Usage Lab continues to uncover fresh insights about how we really use our cars today – including the surprises above. How? By watching thousands of drivers each year, in hundreds of varied driving conditions, all over Europe.

All with one purpose: to make your driving experience the best it can be.

Read more at http://www.michelin.co.uk/michelin-total-performance


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