GardenNice View!

  1. Shopping-I know this sounds materialistic and shallow but shopping really does makes me feel good. I’m sure it releases endorphins. I love bag and shoe shopping primarily but have been known to get giddy in my local supermarket. I’m definitely more Mulberry less Marks & Spencer though!
  2. Walks-I love walking in the outdoors-parks, lakes, countryside, nothing makes me happier. OK maybe shopping- but only by a whisper. We used to live near Richmond Park, simply stunning. I now get my fix at Roundhay Park or simply chilling in the garden (above) overlooking a reservoir.
  3. Getting a manicure -I never have unpainted toenails. I feel naked without nail varnish on my toes but getting a manicure on my hands is a treat and something I wish I had more time to do, it makes me feel like a lady.
  4. Sunbathing – My family are Cypriot and although I wasn’t born nor grew up in Cyprus, I feel the need for sun is in my blood. I love sunbathing but keep the face in the shade as Mama taught me-oh and lots of sun factor all over. Sun sans wrinkles please.
  5. Dancing-I just love to shake my booty. I love music of all kinds but mostly R ‘n’ B and dance. Now my little man is always dancing too, to anything and everything. JT you better watch out, Baby O can bust some moves!

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6 Responses

  1. Kiki

    Great post! I want to throw in a couple ideas too:

    -get a fabulous massage (ahh, bliss!)
    -go for a swim, but at a pool at a Spa -like that time we went for a swim in the Langham in London -that was fun! How relaxing was that!
    -going to a bakery and buying freshly baked pastries & buying espresso (that I just love to do on a Sunday!)
    -shopping is heaven, but shopping in Oslo is not like shopping in London, so sadly I haven’t been shopping a storm over here! (although I’m sure my dear husband would disagree!!)
    -editing photos on photoshop (that’s my real ‘quiet’ time!)
    -riding my bike when the sun is shinning
    -buying fresh chocolate that comes wrapped in fancy boxes with ribbons (I’m a glutton, what can I say)
    -watching period dramas by the BBC (heeeeavvven!!)
    -scrubbing my body down with sea salts from Israel… love it!


  2. helloitsgemma

    This could easily be my other list.
    Pedicure, spot of shopping, finish it off with evening dancing! wouldn’t be have fun?
    Fab – love it!

    • honestmum

      @theboyandme I so need the sunshine now, up North we have snow! Not fair! @helloitsgemma just wish I had the budget for all the window shopping I do! What you’ve written would be my perfect day! lol


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