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5 Quick Ways to Revamp Your Workspace

work spaceMy current workspace is our dining room table which makes the ideal spot for my laptop and notepads between the hours of 9 and 3. I’m strict about clearing all business related items away the minute the kids are back from school though, picking up work, usually in bed with my laptop once they’re asleep. I like the keep my work/ home life spheres as separate as possible within the home, and removing my laptop out of sight helps me to switch off from the day’s work too.

If I’m on deadline, then I’m clear about that to the kids, but for the most part, I try to cram my work hours into school hours and so far, this year, it’s worked out just swell.

Now, despite using my dinner table as my hot desk, I’ve picked up some great tips for keeping organised and making my works pace look pretty and organised during working hours over the years so I thought I’d share them below.

I’d love to read yours too.

  1. Fresh flowers are a must here (along with pretty faux flowers or cacti in rose gold pots if you prefer those or suffer from hayfever). Flowers brighten up the room/ day and work space as they bring the outdoors, in. I literally have vases, big and small, all over the lounge, rotating them every few days, placing a bunch du jour by my laptop which remain once the laptop gets put away. Opt for seasonal flowers and mix things up. Huge sunflowers are the summer flowers I favour right now: yellow happy-makers which can’t help but make me smile (even on the busiest and most stressful of days). They are a simple way to add a burst of colour, especially if you’re home is painted almond white as ours is.
  2. Family photos. I have a family photo of my boys on the table I work on, next to my notepads to remind me of whom I’m working so hard for and to help inspire my content on the blog too this place here is a family archive as much as it’s a business.
  3. Tablecloth. It might appear odd but if like me, you’re using your kitchen/ dining room table as your hot desk then a wipe-able tablecloth is a must. Switching it up pattern-wise can transform a work place and entire space, adding colour, print and texture affecting mood, and I change mine seasonally.
  4. Lighting. Natural light is always best when it comes to working (providing you have enough of it) but if you can’t be seated by a window or need extra brightness, then change your lightbulbs and if that’s not enough, buy a long free standing light which suits your interior design to help take the strain off your eyes which are no doubt fixed to a screen most of the day. Don’t forget to give them, and your body a break from work regularly throughout the day. My FitBit reminds me to move and I force myself on walks every lunch. You’ll never regret a walk!
  5. A comfy, supportive chair. Don’t rely on your dining room chairs for support as they won’t offer you enough. Opt for a desk chair which is ergonomically sound to help your posture as you work.
  6. Keep things tidy. Sounds simple but worktops can become a cluttered mess in no time and I find this impacts on my clarity of thought. I can’t relax when my surroundings are disordered.

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5 Quick Ways to Revamp Your Workspace - Honest Mum


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