5 Family Days Out Ideas For Intergenerational Fun

Bridging the gap between generations benefits for everyone, young, younger and older!

Intergenerational activities can help combat loneliness, promote empathy, and create lasting memories. You can learn a lot from one another too. One of my best mates, Stan, turns 90 next month. 90! Age knows no bounds when you share values and the same sense of humour!

Here are 5 days out ideas that can be enjoyed by both the young and old together, promoting a sense of unity and fun.

Day Out 1: Nature Walk and Picnic
Organise a leisurely nature walk in a nearby park or nature reserve, followed by a picnic (ideally when the sun is out). This activity allows both generations to enjoy the great outdoors while sharing stories and experiences. For residents of residential care homes for the elderly, such as the Care UK group, this type of outing can be particularly beneficial, providing a change of scenery and an opportunity to socialise.

Day Out 2: Museum or Art Gallery Visit
Visit a local museum or art gallery, where all generations can learn from each other’s perspectives. Many museums offer interactive exhibits, workshops or guided tours that cater to diverse age groups. There are often discounts for the over 60s to be found too so do your reserach before you go. Cultural visits educate and entertain, encouraging discussion, curiosity and a sense of wonder. We love combining our passion for art and the outdoors with visits to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with all of the family.

Day Out 3: Cooking or Baking Session
Host a cooking or baking session where both generations can work together to prepare a meal or dessert. This activity promotes teamwork, laughter, and learning! I loved nothing more than baking my Grandma’s beloved Marble Cake with her as a child and it is now a recipe which is being passed down through the generations with own children making it. Sharing recipes and anecdotes around family recipes are an excellent way to bond over a shared personal history and love of food.

Day Out 4: Outdoor Games or Sports
Organise an stimulating day of outdoor games or sports such as bowling, mini-golf, or a more gentle game of croquet to enjoy with everyone from great granparents to parents and grandchildren alise. Getting moving promotes physical activity, social interaction, and healthy competition. It’s also an excellent way to promote intergenerational bonding and create a sense of camaraderie. My 75 year old Dad likes teaching his grandkids Greek dancing, and has been dancing with my daughter since she was 6 months old, going viral in the process!

Day Out 5: Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Trail
Create a scavenger hunt or treasure trail that takes all generations on an exciting adventure. This activity promotes problem-solving, teamwork, and exploration, providing stimulation and a sense of accomplishment.

Whatever our age, we all need to build and nourish meaningful relationships. I hope these five ideas for intergenerational days out are useful. So why not plan a fun day out today and bring the generations together?

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