baby nursery

5 Baby Nursery Essentials

baby nursery

5 Baby Nursery Essentials.

Being a seasoned mama of three now, I look back on my experience of having my first baby and still can’t fathom the baby items I believed were eseentials which ended up being a complete waste of money. Just two examples of items surplus to requirements were the diaper genie and wet wipe warmer to name just two!

We’re all so impressionable and anxious as first-time parents, well most of us are, right? and that combination of cluelessness and fearfulness often leads to us buying without careful consideration and usually far too much. I think I broke the record for the most owned blankets with baby no 1 too!

I even remember considering buying a pair of baby nail scissors which had a magnifying glass attached to, as I was scared of hurting my baby whilst curring his nails! It was only when my husband intervened saying he thought the clippers were a step too far that I abandoned the idea.

When it comes to a new baby, stock up on onesies, nappies, wipes, baby bag (ideally a backpack for a hands-free experience), a baby carrier that won’t break the bank or your back, a robust travel system, highchair and crib that converts. More of that later.

Below is a list of actual essentials you need for baby but focusing on the baby’s nursery as this is an area I’m often asked about! Yes, every baby is different but below are some universally important pieces I am sure will help you whilst planning your baby’s first nursery or bedroom. We are moving house soon (into our forever home) and are having fun designing Florence’s first bedroom! I’ll share more of that soon, too.


Below are my 5 top baby nursery essentials:

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

  1. Convertible crib.

Cribs such as Soho Baby Chandler 4 in 1 Convertible Crib which transition from a crib into a toddler bed, day bed and full size bed enabling you to get many years use out of it as it adapts to your child’s changing needs. Sturdy, chic and most importantly safe, we always opted for a crib like this for the nursery once our babies turned 6 months old. Prior to that the baby slept in a moses basket in our room. Buying a convertible bed means you don’t have to constantly upgrade your crib with every growth spurt. I also had long, tall babies so a convertible crib like this was ideal.

2. Drawer dresser.

My babies lived in baby suits, sleepers or rompers (they are called different things depending on where you live) for their first year with the odd cute outfit thrown in for good measure but all of these essentails require space, storage and easy access especially as babies get through a lot of outfit changes per day. I found the best use of space was a drawer dresser as well as a wardrobe, allowing me to fold all of the baby items spanning short and long sleeved baby suits as well as socks, and I would store nappies and wipes in there too. The drawer helped me to be as organised as possible. I would keep outfits, jackets and coats in the standing wardrobe.

3. Rocking/ Reclining Nursing Chair

I breastfed and combine-fed all of my children respectively so I found a comfy reclining chair to sit in in the nursery was essential for me, and meant I could nurse with ease and in privacy (there are often visitors popping in to see the newborn and not everyone feels comfortable breastfeeding in front of others). We still have the chair in my youngest’s bedroom as it’s so comfy to sit on and we now read together on it, despite our nursing journey having come to an end.

4. Baby mobile/ soft toys

Consider buying wooden, second-hand and ethically, environmentally made toys for your baby and child. Anything second-hand should be checked for safety and cleaned before use of course. A baby mobile which plays music is a soothing way to help your baby sleep. Always check reviews before buying too.

5. Baby monitor

We found this essential for peace of mind and meant it was easier to divide tasks between children when we had two and three kids, as it meant we didn’t physically need to be in the same room as the baby when he or she slept. There are lots to choose from with huge technological advancements, with some also combining a white noise element within the baby monitor to help the baby sleep.


So, what have I missed? What does your nursery look like? What would you say was surplus to requirements?

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