Happy 40th Birthday cake

40th Birthday Celebrations For My Husband Peter (in Lockdown)

Happy 40th Birthday cake

My husband Peter, turned 40 yesterday and being a chilled introverted kind of guy, he was happy to have a birthday in lockdown with minimum fuss.

He’s not used social media for years but received thousands of birthday messages yesterday on my channels I duly read to him (thank you so much everyone) and we had the most perfect day at home and in the park, just the four of us. We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the Long Walk by Windsor Castle and sipped champagne with a slice of vegan cake (with his face on, no less) I commissioned from my favourite baker, The Berkshire Bakesmith!

Peter is always a tough cookie to buy for when it comes to presents because he’s a humble guy who doesn’t place value on materalism and unsuprisingly couldn’t think of anything he wanted. He loves his camera and kit but didn’t need anything extra so I plumped for some jeans and tees and wait for it… a new frying pan and potato peeler for him (BAHAHAH). I also bought the peonies for myself to pretty up the birthday pic for Insta and forget the birthday cake candles so he blew out the big one you can see here!

Don’t tell me, I don’t spoil my man ;)! Poor Peter!!!!

I’ll take him out for a Michelin Star meal once lockdown is over and the restaurants reopen….Or maybe just a veggie burger at Mcdonalds just the two of us-either way he’d be happy.

Argh, what a dude. My soul mate and absolute love of my life. My rock. We met at 23 and love each other more each day. Cheesy as hell but utterly true. I’ll never forget a close friend of commenting (pre kids) that when Peter was with me, it seemed like no one else existed.  So touching.

So Peter, my calm, stoic, cerebral, funny, handsome, considerate man, here’s to the happiest of milestone birthdays and 40 more! I love you!

Cheers to you!

Thanks too to my friend and business partner Lucy Griffiths for the bubbles and my parents who insisted on paying for a little dinner party ala Waitrose for us all last night. Bliss.


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