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4 Hayfever Hacks with Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops

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Hayfever is usually the bane of my life for most of the year to be honest, and I’m not alone in my suffering either. Around 13 million people (!) in the UK suffer with the symptoms of hayfever which span itchy, watery and red eyes (which can cause the conjunctiva to become inflamed), an itchy throat, headaches, relentless sneezing.. Hayfever can also lead to feelings of perpetual cold and even a loss of smell.

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So, what exactly is hayfever?

Hayfever is an allergy to wind-pollinated grasses, trees, flowers, mould, fungal spores and other plants. It’s an allergic reaction to pollen (a fine powder from plants) and spores.  It’s usually worse between late March and September, when the pollen count is at its highest on warm, humid and windy days.


Opticrom® Hayfever 2 % w/v Eye Drops Solutions. Contains Sodium Cromoglicate. Always read the label.

It’s a pain but fear not, help is at hand and below I share my 4 hacks which are helping me handle hayfever:

  1. Use Vaseline or coconut oil to line your nostrils before you breathe in the pollen. The oil can act as a barrier and help alleviate hayfever symptoms.
  2. Always shower and wash your hair once you’ve been outdoors. Don’t sleep with pollen on your body and hair and get into the routine of washing hair daily (that includes eyebrows, and beards in men) during the peak months.
  3. The same applies to washing your clothes frequently to remove pollen caught in them. Get changed in the same place daily where possible and ideally not in your bedroom so the pollen doesn’t spread onto your bed sheets and clean clothes. Keep windows and doors closed to prevent more pollen from entering the room you are changing in and your home in general.
  4. Use Opticrom Hayfever 2% Eye Drops, which bring fast-acting relief to soothe and relieve redness, itchiness and irritation in the eye in as little as two minutes. The active ingredient sodium cromoglicate helps to relieve symptoms by reducing the release of histamine, the cause of the symptoms of eyes affected by hayfever. Adults and children over 6 years, take one or two drops in each eye four times daily. Opticrom Hayfever 2% Eye Drops should not be used continuously for more than 14 days except on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.

Check out the Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops Survey Stats below which are fascinating:

A survey* of 2,000 people, selected as a cross-section of the population from across the UK who had experienced hayfever to any degree, were recruited to answer questions about their experiences with hayfever.

  • 1 in 5 (19%) say hayfever symptoms reduces their quality of life and leaves them dreading the summer
  • 28% have taken time off work because of their hayfever symptoms
  • Brits have had occasions ruined by hayfever symptoms including picnics (19%), BBQ’s (17%), festivals (10%), holidays (17%) special events like weddings (16%) and exams (10%).
  • As a result, hayfever sufferers go to extreme measures to manage their conditions:
    1 in 10 try eating local honey (10%) or wear wraparound sunglasses (9%)
    14% have worn a face mask, googles or covered their face to protect against hayfever
    21% keep windows closed during the warm weather and avoid bringing plants or flowers indoors (20%), whilst 22% hoover more frequently
    11% wash their hair every single day to remove the pollen, whilst 13% wash their clothes more frequently
    17% check the pollen count every day during the season as 10% spend most of the day
    managing their hayfever
  • Only 4% of people would use an eye drop only as a first line treatment for hayfever symptoms

*(Survey of 2,000 UK adults by 3Gem on behalf of Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops, July 2018).

Opticrom Hayfever 2% Eye Drops are priced at £4.70 for 5ml and £5.79 for 10ml and are available from key retailers and pharmacies nationwide.


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