3 Kids, A Bump & A Baby….

Ok so he’s not really a baby at 2 and 4 months but I have been a Mama to 3 amazing kids and a toddler this week-and I’ve loved every minute!

Credit to their parents, they are the best behaved, sweetest, most intelligent and loving kids I’ve ever met and it’s been a total joy. At 10, 8 and 6 they are the perfect age to play and shower attention on my little boy Oliver who adores them.

Watching them together makes me more certain than ever that big families are best.


I’ve always wanted a large brood-my Mother is one of 5 and my brother and I always wished we’d had younger siblings.

We did love having lots of cousins in nearby Manchester to play with as we grew up though and my happiest times are still when my Big Fat Greek Family is all together shouting over one another, eating, laughing and shouting a bit more (it’s how we speak you know)- and could be why when you enter our house and see 60 of us altogether trying to watch Corrie, there’ll be subtitles on so we can understand what the flip is going on over the running commentary.

…Seriously though my Mum does regret not having another child and I honestly think 3 or 4 off spring would be awesome (one in between all my directing and writing work).  My husband’s not so sure but details/smeetails!  I think he might be coming round to it after getting a taste this week as the cousins spent a few days with us in Leeds. Just look at the love!

kissing Pete

This is what we got up to this week:

1. Visited Tropical World which is just what it says on the tin: tropical. Bearing the 100 degree heat and making like we were abroad as opposed to rainy Leeds, we watched baby meerkats play (if I wasn’t preg already I’d be broody), giant fish (don’t ask me what they’re called) do what they do best: swim and pout and stick insects make love. Nice.

2. Roundhay Park. One of my favourite parks in Leeds, we walked around the lake, fed the ducks, tried to stop Oliver take an impromptu swin in the lake, played in the children’s play park, consumed several ice creams, picked said ice creams off the ground and watched in amazement as Papa G became 12 again. Good times.

3. Baked-my Auntie Loulla (the children’s grandma)and super cook/restauranteur of Kosmos in Manchester, together with all the kids made her famous marble cake. Video blog coming soon…

4. Oliver my toddler adores his cousins, especially the eldest 10 year old Alex who he was glued to the whole time. She was simply amazing with him, looking after him, playing, getting him food-what was I doing? Oh yeah I was getting my hair done (kidding). I do need to look into adopting an older sister for him though. Totes.

alex and o

5. Swimming. I got my pregnant booty into a swimming costume (one I had to rush and buy from Asda last minute) along with swimming costumes for the brood as they didn’t have theirs with them either-and we enjoyed lots of splashing around whiles others aroound us tried to do lengths. It is half term dudes.

6. Golden Acre Park. Walked round this stunning park in Leeds which features forest areas, a fountain and lovely cafe for treats. We picked cones and pretty twigs and ran round trees. Good times.

forest 1

7. Food. We ate lots. What’s new you ask? Well not much but feasting on delicious Greek and Italien food from the family’s restaurants was as fab as ever. We also caught Papa G making his Channel 5 debut on Kitchen Wars where he had to cook for Marco Pierre White. He didn’t finish  his dish in time (too much talking) but Marco was impressed with his restaurant The Olive Tree and him and my brother came off well. I’m proud of you boys!

So there we have it, a perfect half term holiday. Despite being 6 months up the duff, I felt full of energy and loved have 4 little people to play with and care for. What did you do over half term?

Photographs ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

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