10 Signs You’re Having a Baby Girl


I’ve found at least 10 differences this time round pregnant with a girl than with my two boys pregnancies so I thought I’d share them below. I’m now 6 months pregnant and I discovered the sex of this baby (my third baby and fourth pregnancy after a loss last year) at 11 weeks pregnant via a private NIPT/ Harmony Test which checks the likelihood of chromosonal issues.

While I wanted a surprise at the birth, my husband and kids did not, so I compromised (I did suspect it was a girl, however).

The Harmony Test is pretty pricey if you opt for it (mine cost £500 in the UK) and there is of course the option to find out the sex if you choose to, at your 20 week scan (as long as your baby complies, it’s not always easy to see the baby’s genitals).

If you’re reading this post in a bid to try and guess your baby’s sex, please do remember that every pregnancy is different and unique and my list below is simply based on my own personal experience with only a couple of points being backed scientifically.

On the whole, there are doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules when it comes to sex-specific symptoms in pregnancy so if you don’t know the sex of your baby yet, take my experiences with a pinch of salt and as a bit of fun!


10 girl pregnancy symptoms I’ve experienced: 

  1. Nausea started earlier with my baby girl than when I was pregnant with my boys, beginning at around 6 weeks this time and lasting far longer than with my second son, only fading at 18 weeks. The endless sickness I experienced with my first son was linked to being diagnosed with the pregnancy liver condition OC later on in pregnancy so I don’t believe that was sex-related. My first son was the only pregnancy which saw me vomit. Scientifically however, doctors have linked increased oestrogen in carrying baby girls, with greater nausea and sickness.
  2.  I had a few acne breakouts early on which was a first for me, as I’d never experienced spots in either boy pregnancy or during adolescence for that matter.
  3. My usually healthy, long hair has become more dry and unruly, requiring lots of additional products and it even changed colour, becoming redder, in my first trimester (without any dye). In contrast, my hair was in silky soft condition with both of my sons. It also hasn’t grown as much this time, much to my disappointment!
  4. Fiercer kicks. I’ve never known kicks quite like the ones I’m experiencing currently, to be honest. Perhaps I have a future kick-boxer on my hands, here! The kicks are also quite low which others mums on Instagram have mentioned they’ve experienced too. Ouch!
  5. Food cravings have completely differed with this girl pregnancy. I became obsessed with fruit from day 1 (something I couldn’t stomach with my boys) and I crave chilli, spice and jalapenos non-stop (not ideal for indigestion, that’s for sure).
  6. I’m much more sensitive and tearful in this pregnancy and because of that, I’m much more protective of my time, energy and protecting my boundaries, steering clear of drama and potentially upsetting scenarios.
  7. My bump seems higher than when I was pregnant with my boys.
  8. I’ve gained less weight with a girl.
  9. I’ve experienced pregnancy insomina in my second trimester which has been a shock as I slept so well with both of my boys.
  10. I’m super forgetful leaving keys in the door, walking outside of the house in my slippers and mixing up dates and deadlines. Research has shown that women carrying daughters under-perform in memory tests compared to mums carrying boys so I’m trying to be kind to myself and I keep a diary with me at all times and set alarms on my phone too to help me remember appointments! Wow, it’s not easy being pregnant!

How about you? Do any of my symptoms resonate with you?

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