Vicki Psarias

Right Where I Want to Be

It's so easy in life to be constantly chasing dreams, and believe me, I'm a big believer in dreaming big, working hard, and simply going for 'it' whatever 'it' might be, but recently I've had a little shift in thinking...
Vicki and Oliver

How Kids Made Me More Creative

Kids have honestly made me more creative. That's a fact. I was of course creative before kids working as a screenwriter, director and magazine get the picture. I was born creative, baby. Hear me out though, those kids took my creativity to another level. Throughout history (and I've found throughout my life so far too), creativity arises and thrives within limitations, be it time, budget, tools/access, they exist and are are actually vital in making creativity happen.
Peter and I-Honest Mum

Just the Two of Us…

You know that bit in Sex and the City 2 where Miranda and Charlotte have that huge heart to heart about how hard motherhood is-the scene where every mother watching, cried? Yeah that one, well that's pretty much how I felt before I left for my birthday weekend in London-exhausted, in need of a decadent trip to Abu Dhabi (I got Notting Hill)-not too shabby, in need of quality time with the hubby and most of all SLEEP.