cod with noodles

Cod Dusted In Spelt Flour With Noodles & Vegetables

My husband Peter doesn't eat meat, so at home, fish and veggies are our go-to dishes. Cod is one of my favourite fishes. With its subtle yet delicious flavour, and firm, flakey texture, it goes perfectly with oriental-influenced ingredients such as noodles and pak-choi.
crumble-Honest Mum

Wheat-Free Apple and Plum Crumble

As we're staying away from wheat in this family I'm often creating wheat-free recipes that don't compromise on taste but are generally healthier for all the family. I love the marriage of apples and plums and although we limit sugar too, I like the medicinal properties of honey so add some in this recipe.
swordfish-Honest Mum

Grilled Swordfish with a Garlic Sauce

We are massive fish fans in this house and this is a quick, easy, family favourite often rustled up on a weekend; pure sunshine on a plate-'happy food' we call it, tasty and good for you too-your heart, vision and brain!