How to make Nadyia Hussein's Orange Drizzle Cake for the queens 90th

Nadiya Hussain’s ‘Her Majesty’s Cake’

As a keen baker, I've always been a huge fan of the Great British Bake Off and one of my all time favourite contestants has to be the wonderful Nadyia Hussein. A fellow Leeds girl, I loved her warm, dow...
chocolate party cake

Perfect Party Chocolate Cake

You can't beat a good chocolate cake. Sometimes the classics are just the best, aren't they?

Best Easy-To-Make Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Those who follow this blog know that I love to cook-I mean REALLY, really love to cook but if I'm entirely honest (and I am- being Honest Mum and all)-it's baking which absolutely steals my heart every single time.
chocolate muffins

Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Muffins

Any sweets treats that are acceptable to eat at breakfast are a winner in my eyes. Muffins are one of my favourite foods - especially when served straight out of the oven, hot, fluffy and oh so good. And nothing makes me happier than baking with my kids, particularly my 5 year old Oliver who adores cooking and baking.
poached pears in white wine

Poached Pears in White Wine

I have proclaimed my love of all things French before on my blog and this also extends to French desserts! In particular, I just 'j-adore' poached pears in white wine and I always indulge on this delicious sweet treat when I make my annual pilgrimage to Cannes Film Festival in the South of France . Pears can be poached in anything from red wine to caramel sauce. For this recipe, I poached my pears using a bottle of Isla Negra Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (2014), but any white wine will do. Or you could even use champagne if you're feeling fancy!
gluten-free chocolate cupcake

Valentine’s Day Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

This recipe might be gluten-free but let me start by writing they're not calorie free sadly however I've used honey instead of sugar and high quality cocoa powder so they really are a pretty healthy treat that won't skyrocket your blood sugar! As it's Valentine's Day, these really are a perfect offering for a loved one, your kids included of course, or simply for yourself (self-love is important too you know, hey shush you naughty ones at the back!) So, what you waiting for? Go get your bake on and treat yourself...