bean salad

Mixed Bean Salad

It's all about the beans, baby. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write!
salmon salad

Warm Salmon Salad with Homemade Caesar Dressing

My husband Peter doesn't eat meat but loves Caesar dressing, so as an alternative to chicken we like use salmon, which is healthier and also robust enough to stand up to the strong tasting Caesar flavour.
preparing veg

Warm Salad Nicoise Recipe with La Redoute

A couple of weeks ago, my eldest son Oliver, 5, and I, took part in an exciting shoot for the très stylish French online outlet, La Redoute, which merged three of my greatest loves: family, food and fashion.
smoked salmon nicoise salad

Smoked Salmon Niçoise Salad Recipe

After what was an indulgent Christmas period for us all comes January and the start of a new year, a great time to detox our bodies and mind (hello yoga) and return to healthier ways! Just because you're eating healthily though, doesn't have to mean boring meals-we follow an 80-20 healthy whole food way of eating here which works for us and one of our favourite lunches is this quick and easy to make Smoked Salmon Niçoise Salad.
George's Greek Salad

Greek Salad Recipe

January is here and we all know what that means: soup and salad filled days to blast away the indulgent festive period but not just any old salad-mouthwateringly fresh and filling Greek feta cheese salad!
seafood salad

Thalassini Salata (Seafood Salad)

Seafood salad is a refreshing starter at any time of the year. This is a staple on the award winning Olive Tree Greek Restaurant menus and Papa G recommends always using fresh seafood as it makes a vast difference to the taste and flavour of the dish. Vibrant, colourful and super tasty, this will wow your dinner guests.