kid watering flowers

Our Weekend in Pictures-Welcoming in the Spring

The weekend was one relaxing affair, we stayed at my folks' house, the home I grew up in on Saturday night so Peter and I could enjoy a rare date night, and all woke up to buttery warm bagels and the best babysitters in town. Bliss.
gluten free coconut flapjacks

Gluten-Free Coconut, Raisin and Dark Chocolate Chip Flapjacks

We're super-fond of flapjacks in this house and this creation of mine, baked with the kids last week, shot by my crazy-talented husband, Peter (who set this up once the kids were in bed in front of the fire and blew me away)- are by far my favourite oaty flapjacks ever. They even beat the delicate, juicy orange treacly, much less virtuous nonetheless fabulous sticky orange flapjacks, and pack in all the taste, without the not so nice sugar hit. Healthy, hearty coconut flapjacks, these bad boys are well, not bad for you at all- low GI, low carb, low sugar, paleo and importantly, child-friendly, crispy chunky hunks of baked oaty (you can create thin ones if you prefer) snacks take no time at all and fill tums for hours.