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What To Do If You’re Spending Christmas Alone

The other night, as I began to Google, 'Spending Christmas...' in a bid to discover potential holiday destinations over the festive season, what followed as the top search was, 'Spending Christmas... alone', which took me aback. I'm not naive enough to think everyone spends it with others but to find it was the most entered search term, deeply saddened me..
Bean Burst

My New Obsession with Bean Burst Coffee Scrub & Win A Gift Box Worth £28

I might take my coffee light, frothy and usually decaf but when it comes to my scrub, make mine full flavoured and high strength please! What am I on about?! Coffee scrubs are the latest 'BIG THANG' in the beauty industry and after seeing endless photos of faces rather than cups of coffee on instagram, I had to get me some. Enter Bean Burst.
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And Relax…

I recently wrote about my new and improved more chilled way of life and although most days my mission seems mostly impossible, I'm really trying to stick to even a few small changes to daily life to help me be more zenned than before. Dark chocolate scoffing counts right? Seriously though, running blog business, a screenwriting career and two kids is never easy but once my little children are fast asleep and the big deadlines have been done and dusted with, it's time to chill out.